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On the waters edge, St. Petersburg, Russia, will find itself subject to a series of disasters during the pole shift. First, there will be high tides during the shift, as though they are at the end of a long bay, this is where the water sloshing in will find itself seeking an outlet, and will run inland through the city and pool in low lying areas, unable to drain. When the shift has passed, St. Petersburg will find itself inundated by the rising seas, the residents running repeatedly toward the highlands of Finland and Scandinavia, to escape the inundation. Residents of St. Petersburg hoping to survive should make plans, ahead of time, to move to high ground, relocating days ahead of the shift so they are not in reaction mode, but pro-active. They carry with them the soul of Russia, the brains, the insights of the Russian people, not a thing to be lost during the coming changes, when courage and insight will be needed in the communities of survivors.