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Anchorage is dealt several blows during the shift, as it lies along a coastline, is near a chain of volcanoes, and borders the Pacific where subduction of plates will occur. During the week of roatation stoppage, the water normally pooled at the equator due to the effect of rotation will drift toward the poles, equalizing. Thus, the tides will be higher. At the shift, the volcanoes to the west will explode spewing ash over the nearby vicinity, which will become upwind to Anchorage to some degree due to the prevailing westerlies which will still pull the ash toward Anchorage. Sloshing water, already higher than normal along the coast, will rise to the tops of the buildings in the city. After the shift, however, the ocean fishing, and the familiarity of the people with this activity, should prove a good lifestyle. Survivors will need to become accustomed to a very warmer climate, as the new Anchorage will be close to the new equator.