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Rome is more than a major city in Italy, it is the center of the Catholic Church. But the member of this church will not learn of the devastation that will befall this city during the pole shift, as communications worldwide will be disrupted and not reinstated - no TV stations broadcasting, no regular radio broadcasts, no newspapers carrying anything but local news, and no travel by air due to broken airports and planes and lack of fuel, and not likely to be any travel by sea for the same reasons. Thus, the Church will become what is it for the local community, and nothing more. Rome is situated, as with the rest of Italy, on a penninsula dominated by active volcanoes, surrounded in the Mediteranean by fault lines and additional volcanoes likely to become active, and subject to wave assaults on both sides of the penninsula. As with the legends of Pompeii and the island of Santorin, cities close to volcanic eruptions are burried in hot ash, the hapless residents entombed in postures of horror. Earthquakes will rack Rome, brining down all that has been built since the last pole shift, so the city will be unrecognizable to those seeking it in the future. Those who would survive are advised to leave the penninsula that is Italy, and seek safer ground high in the mountains of the mainland.