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High in the mountains and perched on the Continental Divide, Sante Fe will be subject to high winds and a rugged ride during the shift. The Continental Divide represents to point where subducting plates have pushed, the cutting edge where pushing will begin again during compression. Thus snapping rock, sudden changes in the angle of the base rock, and stress on all man-made structures such as bridges and roads and buildings can be expected. Survivors will find themselves at a high elevation, but travel through the mountains will be as difficult as it was during the pioneer days, and slow. Wildlife becomes unpredictable during such times, irritable and frantic, and may intrude into settlements. Due to the depletion of oxygen and a thinning of the atmosphere temporarily, during the shift, survivors may likewise find themselves exhausted more readily and puzzled by this. Take life slow, be cautious, and anticipate a simple and isolated lifestyle after the shift.