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Where the highlands in the eastern half of Australia will remain above water during the shift and after the polar melt, and will stretch along the new equator, survivors will find their life affected by which end of these highlands they are situated upon. The current will flow toward the former Antarctica pole, and no inhabited lands lie in that direction, and thus Australia will seem like a last hope to cling to for those in boats. Those in the Queensland province will find the current, flowing as it does today in an easterly direction, coming toward them from the countries of Indonesia and Java where survivors often have the their islands melting under them as the seas rise from the melting poles. In addition, survivors afloat when the shift and ocean sloshing stops will find the current carrying them in an easterly direction, to Australia. Queensland will thus find itself with all manner of flotsam arriving on its beaches - survivors afloat, dead and bloated bodies, and anything washed from the cities or countryside that has stayed afloat.


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