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Sudbury, in Ontario, is far enough inland north of Lake Huron to be free of sloshing in that great lake, and close enough to the high land north of Lake Huron to escape to the hills during the shift in any case. Inland cities with access to the Great Lakes will find they can fish far more than just their nearby lake, as during the shift the locks up and down the complex will shatter, allowing a free flowing waterway with access all the way to the Atlantic and inland. Thus, lake travel will become the mode of choice, and fishing the primary food gathering mode. After the shift, this part of the globe will find itself in a warmer climate, and out of the direct path of volcanic dust, though as elsewhere around the globe, the days will be consistently gloomy and rainy drizzle a constant presence. At a distance from intensely populated areas, Sudbury will not find itself inundated going into or after the shift.