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As an example of how Siberia will be inundated steadily, leading into and after the shift, is the city of Omsk. Nestled in the lowlands along a river draining inland mountains, and surrounded by swamps already inundated by the sea to the extent that they are somewhat salty, Omsk will be beset by water problems from the start. Torrential rains that will descend on all parts of the globe, erratically, will cause the river to flood, and where will the water go? The swamps will absorb a great deal of water, and be slow to release it to the sea hundreds of miles away. Already afloat, Omsk will then find during the week of rotation that water that has drained away from the equator and toward the poles is creating a backwash. Even less drainage, and more standing water in the swamps. Now comes the shift, and where Omsk is protected from ocean sloshing, it will soon find itself with water rising all around, without a chimney standing above the rising water. Those who would survive are advised to move inland to the mountains, or secure a good boat is take them there, as they will be afloat in any case unless they move well prior to the week of rotation stoppage.