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Prince George rides high along the continental divide, in an area of Canada that will be both pushed upward by the shortening of the Pacific and stretched before the Atlantic Rift widens during the shift itself. This will result in snapping and jerking, during the days before the shift and the hour of the shift itself. Thus, residents should plan on being out of doors, to avoid sudden quake damage to buildings. The rivers in the area provide good drainage, as the slopes are steep so the outlets for water ample. However, due to the possibility of a river being blocked, changing course, when rock strata snaps and juts upward, those along river banks should also plan on being well above the banks during this week and a few days after the shift. Other than some volcanic ash drifting down from the Alaskan volcanoes in the prevailing westerlies that will change direction after the shift, this area should do well in the Aftertime, with a substantially warmer climate.