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Salt Lake City has several strikes against it for survivors, due primarily to the inability of the surrounding local to provide food for the survivors. Where the salt flats are old and hard, offering shelter from earthquakes during the shift, these same attributes make agriculture almost impossible unless soil is trucked in and indoor gardening arranged as an enclosed system. This is possible, but expensive. The lake itself will slosh about little, during the shift, as it is shallow. However, due to the flat nature of the surrounding land, any water movement will have little resistance, so flooding will flow long distances where it occurs, to over 100 miles beyond the shores. A height of 300 feet along the shoreline will ensure safety, in a structure that can resist the pressure of the flood tide.


The Mormons are famous for advising their people to have a year's worth of food on hand at all times. They know what is coming. Where Mormons are in general common folk, their elite lean toward the right, aligning with the Bush administration(s) in the past. We have made no secret that the Salt Lake flats will survive the earthquakes intact, and not shatter or mountain build. Utah will also not be flooded and will have a climate at least as temperate as the present. Thus, given the devastation expected for other areas, such as the East and West Coasts of the US, requests from many areas could be expected. Are these condos for any and everyone? Hardly. There will be waiting lists, and construction schedule delays, all designed to ensure that only those the elite want as neighbors arrive.

ZetaTalk ™ February 19, 2011