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Detroit, as with most heavily industrialized cities, will be distressed after the shift. Even in locations far inland and away from danger of tidal waves or sloshing water, or relatively safe from repeated earthquake shaking due to being on stable ground away from fault lines, industrialized cities will crumble due to the state of buildings raised when earthquakes were never a consideration. Old brick or concrete, rotting timbers unchallenged by high winds or present day earthquakes, and city sewage lines rusted and waiting to crack. In addition to the rubble such industrialized cities will present, there is the issue of pollution, noxious chemicals unleashed and lingering, and contamination of drinking water from sewage. Add to this the prospect of trying to raise or collect food in such an environment, often inhospitable to life. Where Detroit will not suffer in the same manner as many coastal cities subject to tidal waves or flooding, it should not be considered a place to live after the shift. Survivors should plan on moving, as they will be forced to do so in any case.