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Mexico City

Mexico City will endure much suffering during the shift, due to the nearby presence Popocatepetl, of one of Mexico’s largest and most active volcanoes, and other volcanoes nearby. Because of the pressure of the shortening Pacific, causing Central America and the small plates in the Caribean to crumble, being the weakest link, the magma under Mexico will be in motion and under pressure. This too will seek the weakest link, which most certainly will be any active volcano. Roads in and out of Mexico City will be impassable, and the millions there dying from fumes and hot ash - a holocaust. Little will survive in that crowded city, and those who do survive will live in ill-health due to the ash. Those who would survive should seek safety inland, into the desert plateaus, away from the coastlines, volcanoes, and putting distance between themselves and the crumbling small plates in Central America.