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Thailand will drown, not only during the two years following the pole shift, but during the shift itself. The elevation in this low land bordering several oceans is not high enough to buffer any of it’s lands from the onslaught that will occur, first from one side and then another, and often in concert so that the waters clash and rise up in the center of this narrow land, to the horror of those trying to escape the waves. The forces driving the water, during the shift, include not only a shortening Pacific, which will bring water from that direction, but also the suction that a subducting India and western Australia will bring. As this land dives, it creates an opening for waters elsewhere to seek a lower level, and rush in, from all directions, it will! This will not only pull the water from the Pacific across Thailand, even across the highlands tucked into the mainland, but will also result in violent sloshing when the water from all directions clashes over the bowl the former India occupied, pushing this water back over Thailand and the other countries in the vicinity. Those afloat, in boats, who hoped to ride out the shift in this manner, will be dashed about, their craft in pieces, and drown.


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