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Kentucky lies along most of its length along the Ohio River, which will flood into the low lying lands of Kentucky as the torrential rains will be backup up by a Mississippi unable to empty into the sloshing Gulf. What this means for the residents is that they must run for the hills, and if living along the river will most likely not have this opportunity. Kentucky has a benefit for those living along the Appalachian Mountains, as they live on limestone strata that will minimize the earthquakes that will shake the world.


Kentucky has its back to the Appalachian Mountains, and thus escape to high ground is assured. Where land along the Ohio River will of course flood during the pole shift, and to a degree not imagined by the residents there, land in the vicinity will remain above the water line in the Aftertime as it is overall above 675 feet in sea level. The Mississippi will flood and backwash, to a shocking degree, as will the Missouri, and of course the Ohio River will do the same. Be well inland and out of the flood plain to escape raging trash-filled water on the move during the hour of the pole shift.

ZetaTalk ™ July, 2010