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The entire African continent, with the exception of some coastal areas or deep river valley's, will remain above sea level even after the poles have melted. This would seem to place it in an enviable situation, especially in light of the moderate temperate climate the entire continent will enjoy in the new geography. This must be balanced by special circumstances Africa struggles with, which will become worse before they get better. Plagues similar to the Ebola virus will spread, under the influence of the continuous rains and drizzle that run for decades after the shift, to all parts of Africa, stopped only by the seashore. The Ebola virus and its cousins live in swamps, passed among the creatures that live there, and these creatures will find all of Africa to their liking during this continuous wet season. Where the earthquakes that devastate cities in industrial countries will have little effect on the primitive structures most Africans call home, crop failure will drive survivors to eat what they can find, and these meals will infect them. Soon all but a tiny fraction of the populace, those with natural immunity to Ebola type viruses, will be gone.


Africa will be above the waves and as such will be a target for migrations after the pole shift, if not well beforehand. There are pro and con elements for life in the Aftertime in Africa. Today, most of the populace is self sustaining, except for those countries where drought has destroyed all chance of living off the land. We have mentioned that the deserts of Africa will remain, despite the almost incessant drizzle expected in the first few years after the pole shift. Where the drizzle will not allow agriculture in the deserts, it will encourage the spread of the Ebola type viruses, which will emerge from the swamps and become a scourge. Africa likewise has a large pool or AIDS infected people, who will if anything die faster when their immune systems drop, as they will everywhere on Earth, due to depression and shock. If there is lack of caution about spreading the virus via sex today, there will be even fewer precautions taken in the Aftertime, when rape will be common.

Those countries along the coast and with any degree of technological development, such as S Africa, will find themselves immensely popular as the pole shift approaches. S Africa in particular will be seen as a jumping off place for settlement of new land to emerge between the tip of S America and Africa. Land will be at a premium, and immigration will eventually be tightly restricted. Africa is a continent where people from India and Asia work and move freely, and as such will be inundated with immense numbers of migrants from these areas when the reality of their sinking lands is made obvious. To the extent that Africa can support these immigrants, this is all to the good.

ZetaTalk February 26, 2011

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