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Coastal areas along the eastern seaboard of the US will experience deceptive inundations during the pole shift. First the appearance of receding water during the stopped rotation when water flows to the poles, then the appearance of further receding as the Atlantic widens, and then a steady and strong return of the water beyond its former height as the water again settles briefly at the new poles before returning to the equator during resumed rotation. Thus, even without the tidal waves and influence of the melting poles, eastern seaboard locations will be fooled and then inundated by sea water. The mountainous regions in western Pennsylvania, where now considered an area difficult to farm and with industries tied to coal mining in the past, will prove to be a safe place not only during the shift itself but during the Aftertime. Ocean access will be provided by the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will widen to the extent of becoming an inlet bay to the Atlantic. The climate likewise will improve somewhat for western Pennsylvania, after the shift.

The greatest danger, as with all land bordering the eastern seaboard, will be from survivors moving inland. Where these survivors come from Wall Street or Washington DC, they will have the attitude that they should be waited upon, and will be aggressive in trying to take over any flourishing settlement they discover. The Amish, farming in this state, will find themselves with numerous unwelcome visitors just ahead of the shift, as these farms are literally within walking distance of urban areas along the coast. During the week prior to the shift, when the Earth stops rotation, lack of services will empty the store shelves, and those who are able will aggressively seek out self sustaining enclaves, which the Amish are known to be. Moved inland from the coast, these hungry survivors will then be pushed into the foothills by rising water from the land stretch that will precede the shift, and the melting poles that will follow the shift. Thus all mountain land closely bordering seaboard cities will be crowded, without the resources to feed all the survivors.


As is known, Pennsylvania has an inordinate number of sinkholes. As we have explained this is because Pennsylvania lies at a point where the stress on the N American continent is such that as the New England region rises, and the southeast US is pulled down, Pennsylvania must bend. Pennsylvania must bend. The State of Maryland has a large number of breaking water mains and booms, due to this. Gas mains are not exempt! This does not mean that Pennsylvania is in the stretch zone, it is in the bending zone. And as the rock strata bends and snaps, so do the gas and water mains!

ZetaTalk ™ February 12, 2011