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The midwestern states bordering Canada will find themselves in an optimal location following the pole shift. With an elevation well above the point that flooding from melted poles will encompass, and in an area that will be unaffected by continental tears, mountain building, or the repeated earthquakes that life on a fault line can bring, these heartland states will find themselves picking up the pieces relatively easily after the shift. The climate will improve, becoming milder, and the soil in these border states is deep and fertile. The major problem survivors will face is infraction as the date of passage approaches, and militant groups look for new locations to establish strongholds. If democratic practices are defended, and would-be dictatorships resisted, this part of the world should find itself able to help other parts of the world during the Aftertime, coming from a position of strength. Travel for survivors should rely heavily on small boats, not only because of the network of small lakes in Minnesota, but because the existing drainage of rivers will facilitate travel to almost all parts of the state and neighboring states.


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