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Illinois will suffer after the coming pole shift due to natural reasons and those set in place by man. Where much of the state is farmland, it lies low and will be awash during and shortly after the pole shift due to flooded rivers and the sloshing of water in Lake Michigan. Lying deep under the city of Chicago are aqueducts put in place by man, as well as many channels above ground, which connect in one manner or another Lake Michigan and the rivers to the south. Man has built these, and man will suffer when the water goes on the move. Man-made barricades will crumble, and the worst nightmares will ensue.

Illinois will be caught in a crisscross of waters during the pole shift, between the drainage pouring down the Mississippi and the backwash that will push this water back and up even into the headwaters of the Mississippi and it's tributaries, and the canals deliberately dug in early days to allow Lake Michigan to fill these canals for transportation to the Mississippi, there will be endless movement of water across Illinois during the shift and in the hours and days afterwards. Anyone not expecting to be in a boat, sturdy enough to withstand swirls, undertows, and thrashing waves, may find themselves and all their possessions lost. Survivors will find themselves having to move as the polar melt proceeds, as most of this state is low lying.