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Lying between the Missouri and the Mississippi rivers, Iowa will find itself under water during the deluges that accompany the pole shift. It will take many weeks for the water to drain away, and due to the continuing rains, will find itself soggy for months and even years afterwards. Iowa has had flooding along its rivers in 2008 that left much of the state under water, at least temporarily. During the hour of the pole shift, we have predicted that the Mississippi will backwash due to the sloshing in the Gulf to the extent that it will essentially not drain at all. Iowa will have problems with evacuations, thus, even before the sea level rise in the Aftertime reaches 675 feet above sea level.

The tearing of the Mississippi during the New Madrid adjustment is not due to distance from the New Madrid area, it is due to the Mississippi lying along a weak point in the plate, where the crust is most thin and thus this is where the crust has dropped. This is why rivers are invariably in the stretch zone for an area, as the crust can pull apart most easily there, and has been pulling apart there in the past. The N American continent must adjust in total, as the whole of the continent is being pulled into a bow. It is not just the New Madrid area. However, Iowa will not be flooded due to the adjustment of the New Madrid, though lands just to the west of the Mississippi may find they have lost elevation.

As the soil is rich and the land cleared for farming, this will be considered an ideal site in the future as it will have a warmer climate and location central to the continent. It also is considered a benign state, with placid farmers content to reap the riches that the land delivers and with none of the feistiness that the residents of many other nearby states exhibit. These advantages may doom it to be considered an attractive spot by the group of individuals who consider themselves a carry-on government, so those who would set up housekeeping in Iowa should bear this in mind. Should Indiana fall out of favor, Iowa is not that far distant. However, the likelihood of being under water for an extended period of time will most likely put this spot out of favor.


Note New Madrid Rifts commentary.