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Many small countries stretching east of Italy will find themselves distressed during the pole shift, due to the volatility of the volcanoes in Italy that will explode during the plate movements that accompany the pole shift. The Alps were built during such plate movements, and Italy is in the subduction zone. Adjustments in plate positioning made around the world will be felt in this region. Land lying to the east of Italy will thus find themselves in the path of heavy volcanic dust. The foothills and mountains to the east of the Balkans, including inactive volcanoes have not experienced problems during recent prior shifts, however, nor will they this time. It is safer to move to the East, as this also removes one from the larger volcanoes in the Mediterranean, which will blow toward what is now south afterwards, which will become the new east. However, any trip east it a bit further into colder climate, although Slovenia will be temperate enough in the Aftertime.


Note 7 of 10 Mediterranean commentary.