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The great kingdom of Saudi Arabia, consisting of great oil reserves and mountains of sand, will find their life radically changed after the coming pole shift. Where the land mass they share with Africa is light and therefore floats high above sea level, and will continue to remain above sea level after the existing poles have melted, the most dramatic changes will be related to climate. Used to and equatorial climate, barely out of the summer heat before another summer returns, they will find this reversed. They will for the main part of the year be frozen, as in northern Canada, with only a brief summer. This will in essence doom residents of Saudi Arabia, who will freeze to death rather than die during the shift, as many live in tents or casual housing which will not crush them during the earthquake that will rack the entire world during the hour of the shift. Those residents living in stone or mortar housing will be subject to being crushed, and those standing on the coastlines to being swept out to sea during flood tides that recede, dragging all caught within it out to sea, but residents inland in casual housing such as tents will in the main survive.

The oil reserves, considered the life blood of the Saudi people, will not come to their rescue as all pumps and refineries will be broken and explode into flames. What can be salvaged eventually will be used by the strong, those with power and control of food supplies to demand cooperation, to stay warm. This is a finite situation, going downhill, leading to a king of the hill scenario which only leads to violent death for all involved. Our advise to Saudi residents wanting to survive is to move into Africa, before the shift else they will have a long boat trip across gulf that will open as Saudi land separates further from Africa. Africa will string out along the new Equator, and much of the desert will remain in the Aftertime, thus providing a similar ecosystem for residents of Saudi Arabia, a familiar setting with which to setup housekeeping.


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