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Hong Kong is an ideal place to live at present due to its many bays and inlets - a city on the water. However, during the coming cataclysms this city will not fare well, as the shortening Pacific will force the water up rather than down the shores, and with the melting poles following only months later, this city will soon be unlivable. High land is advised, for safety sake, but plans for long term living in Hong Kong, unless in a boat, will be met with repeated short term emergencies.


Hong Kong will be inundated by seawater during the 7 of 10 sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia, losing approximately 20 feet in elevation. Where much of Hong Kong is in the hills surrounding the city, it will nonetheless be devastated. Services such as clean water and electricity will be negated, so the desperate residents of the high rises will be living like birds in the trees. Where this will be a shock, it is a shock that will come to Hong Kong in any case during the pole shift. Thus, by forcing residents to move to higher ground, the 7 of 10 devastation is actually an assist toward survival.


Note Hangzhou UFO commentary.
Note Indonesia Elevation Loss commentary.