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TOPIC: 3,600 Shift

Velikovsky recorded the Geological Evidence of Cataclysms such as Floods every 3-4,000 years. Climate changes in Switzerland, North Africa, Central Europe, China, India, and the Sahara also occurred 3-4,000 years ago. Sitchen correlated this to the ancient Summerians Shar, Every 3,600 Years, and Scientific Analysis supports this. A historical record of occurrences 3,600 Years Ago, 7,200 Years Ago, and at Other Cycles confirm this hypothesis. Tsunami Signatures, the Thera Eruption and Jewish Exodus, Chieh Dynasty and Egyptian records, Mediterranean and Michigan sediment, the Black Sea flood recording a Buried Civilization, Scottish Oceanside waves and slides, Swedish Trees, Methuselah Trees, Marine Sediments, dropping Sea Level or Sudden Rise in sea level, and Extinction records reflecting sudden death, and an Antarctic Meltdown also reflect these cycles. The Atacama Desert and Ocean Bottom shows periodic cycles. Troubled Times believes another pole shift is at hand. Magnetic Decay fits the 3,600 year cycle and the low is now. Moses' Comet appeared 3,600 years ago. The Nation Seismic database shows that the incidence of Deep Quakes has increased dramatically, and can be seen by comparing maps of quake ratios Since 1946, Since 1976, Since 1986, and Since 1996.