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TOPIC: Crust Shift

Evidence of a Crust Shift in the past has emerged, Eons Ago, without an explanation other than Hapgood's Sliding Crust theory, lauded by Einstein and relating Ice Ages to prior pole positions. The Earth's Mantle has a low Viscosity Zone, supporting this. Such a crust shift caused Climate Flip-Flops or climate changes in China, India, Australia, and Greece, which can be Measured and are recorded on ancient maps such as the Piri Reis Map. Ice Ages are simply shifting poles, the Glacier Theory failing, as Methane Ice and Twin-Pole changes demonstrate. Continental Drift and Wandering Poles likewise imply crust shifts. Dramatic evidence of submerged civilizations in the Bahamas, where Buffalo Roamed, in the Indian Ocean, in the Mediterranean, and off Japan speak to cataclysmic changes. Technology is lost during such times. Evidence of a Radical Shift in the Earth's past, as well as Pole Shifts, is abundant, recorded in lava at Steens Mountain and Atlantic Rifts, Greenland ice, New England SeaMounts, the extinction of the Mammoth found in a Flash Frozen state, Buried Forests, Ocean Bacteria, and Antarctic Topics. A time when East/West reversed is recorded in folklore. Reversing polarity on the crust of Mars is evidenced by Mars Magnetism. Recent evidence shows the Long Reach of magnetic influences.