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Karachi is a coastal city, in the lowlands, and will be swamped by sloshing water during the shift. At first, it may appear that flooding is not a danger, as during the week of rotation stoppage the oceans of the world will receded from the equator and flow toward the poles. But during the subduction of the Indio-Australian plate, a large amount of water will be compressed and all coastlines from western Australia to western Africa will find the sea level suddenly rising. Residents of Karachi, ignorant of what is to come, will find their broader beach suddenly flooding and will drown.

We have stated that during the hour of the pole shift, when the Indo-Australian Plate is forced under the Himalayas, that Karachi will have a force of water pressed upon it due to the compression of water with nowhere else to go. The land mass of Australia will in essence rise up, tilt up like a plank pushing water before it, and shorten the distance between Australia and the Himalayas. As with the countries of India and Bangladesh, which are destined to be dragged down as the Indo-Australian Plate dives, Karachi will drown without hope during the pole shift. But what will occur in Karachi prior to the pole shift? It lies on the plate border, and while India inches under the Himalayas, Karachi will find itself ground along, crevasses opening up, bridges collapsing, city structures collapsing even without the prompting of earthquakes. There will be many clues that it is time to move elsewhere.


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