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Malaysia stands in the path of rushing water, which will drown even the mainland country of Thailand during the pole shift. Several factors will create a rush of water over the Malaysian peninsula. When the crust of the Earth stops its slide and the plates begin to slam into each other, the Pacific will shorten and the India/Australia plate will subduct violently into the Himalayas. As this occurs, there will be a drop in sea level over India, the waters about India rushing in to fill the gap. Likewise, the Pacific will compress, so the sea level there is relatively higher, and as water seeks an even level this water will rush into the gap over the hapless and drowning India. The Malaysian peninsula stands in the path of this rush, and once water begins to move, it creates it's own force, such that there is a press of water moving in the direction of India, and this pressure will be great enough to create tidal bore that will go up and over any mountains in it's path. Malaysia, and other countries in the path of this flood, will utterly drown. Malaysia is riding on the tongue of the Eurasian Plate and will suffer when plate movements occur prior to the pole shift. The Malaysia peninsula is lowland, and any reduction in sea level is devastating.


Note Indonesia Elevation Loss commentary.