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Israel will suffer during the coming pole shift, but no more than what other countries fringing the Mediterranean suffer. As during the prior pole shift, when the Jewish Exodus occurred, Israel will be on the side of the Earth facing the sun and directly in the path of the 12th Planet's tail as it lashes the Earth - hail, red dust, and the terrifying view of a passing object, slightly glowing. Those portions of Israel well above sea level will keep terrified survivors above the sloshing Mediterranean, but the volcanic dust from volcanoes in the area will roll over Israel's territory as well as all the other countries within hundreds of miles of the volcanoes. Just as Moses found himself wandering for decades in the Valley of the Shadow of Death after the last pole shift, those survivors in Israel will find growing crops or finding food difficult in a desert area beset with the extra burden of gloom and dust.


The eastern border of Israel, which lies directly on the Arabian Plate border, will be ripped open when the Arabian Plate rolls its top to the east, as we have predicted will occur at some point. The geography of the region shows that this trauma has occurred in the past, regularly, with the land on the plate border sunken and flooded into a series of lakes. At this time, Israel will be pulled to the southeast. Sinking and flooding can be expected, as well as earthquakes that will seem almost continuous as the pole shift approaches. When the 7 of 10 drops the African Plate, this area will likewise experience stretch zone trauma, pulled toward the southwest. Thus jerked about in first one direction and then another, Israel should expect to feel quite rattled. Fortunately Israel has high land, which will survive the pole shift sloshing, though it must contend with volcanic dust in the Aftertime.

ZetaTalk ™ September 10, 2011