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Adelaide lies on the coast, close to the mouth of a large river draining the mountains of eastern Australia, and on a continent that is destined to tip and sink under the waves so that the western half is no longer land. With all this against it, can it be safe? Surprisingly, it will do remarkably well. As the plate upon which Australia rests tips, submersing the western side, the eastern side will rise above the waves, resting at a higher altitude after the shift. However, as with all lands close to the coast, caution against tidal wave sloshing and rivers flooding over their banks should be taken. Go inland, up into the mountains, and well away from any valleys that could take the overflow from swollen rivers or themselves fill up during a downpour. The city should stand, aside from old buildings that will crumble at the slightest quake, and may provide a good base for fishing boats for survivors. After the polar melt, with the ocean much closer than before, Adelaide, or at least her highlands, will be on the coast.