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Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies have an advantage during the coming pole shift, in that the portion of Pacific plate that will be forced under them during the shortening of the Pacific is less, overall, than the portion of plate to be thrust under further south, along the western coast of the US, for instance. Thus, only the land within 500 miles of the coast, in the Canadian Rockies, will experience subduction with consequent hot earth and the rock and roll of mountain building. Those living from 500 miles to 1,000 miles from the coast should anticipate adjustments, as subduction can release pressure by pushing flakes of land that separate from lower stratas forward. Push a wooden block against some flaky pastry, and watch the top flakes simply fly forward, separating from the pastry. This thrust can be sudden and projectile. Thus, crashing downward on those further inland, or creating crumpling land where such activity is not expected. Stay inland, and return to the coast when the trauma is done.