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Cities on rivers will experience the problems they are accustomed to with flooding during the coming cataclysms, but in the extreme. Where the surrounding landscape is hilly, rather than flat, the water can also become vicious, roiling, as it is funneled down gorges, creating swirls as water meets water and seeks the path of least resistance. This puts force behind the water, and buildings already thrown off their foundations by earthquakes, unexpected in land not on any known fault line, will be washed away. Portland, like many cities located in rolling hills or mountainous sites, may find it is a city washed clean, during the coming cataclysms. However, Portland is fortunate to be snuggled against the mountains so it's residents can scramble into the highlands away from flood tides, is far enough inland to be free from direct impact from the sloshing of the Pacific, and in a part of the world destined to have a warm climate and be close to ocean fishing in the Aftertime. However, being downwind from volcanoes, currently north of Oregon but after the shift to the west of Oregon, will put Portland under volcanic dust after the shift. Shelter from this ash, and utilizing the ocean for food, should be in the plan for the Aftertime.