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New Jersey

All areas along the Eastern Coast will have to deal with tidal waves as a fact they cannot discount, during the coming pole shift. No wall will be strong enough to resist the weight of water that will rise up, 100 feet high, in a steady flood tide, nor are there walls in place today constructed with that in mind. High rise buildings with doors and windows and sewage connections will do more than flood, on the lower floors, they will crush and drop, as the water will create uneven pressure on outside walls, pressure they were never expected to have to resist. New Jersey does not have the elevation or distance from the coast to assure safety.

New Jersey is extreme lowland for almost the entire state. Essentially a delta area, there are no rock outcroppings to afford safety from tidal waves that will strike the coastline at a height of 500-600 feet, diminishing only well inland to an average wash over the state of 100 feet above sea level. Soil will wash from under buildings so that they topple. The land in many places will be scoured clean, without a trace, and in some areas no land will even remain. The land abutting the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, to the extent it rises above that 100 foot level and well away from any river outlets by which the sea can pour inland, will afford some protection from tidal waves.