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Korea stands as a peninsula, sticking out into the ocean along the Pacific rim. As such, it is dealt a double blow during the coming shift, as ocean waters can assault it from several sides. Those along coast lines that have only one flank to worry about can to some degree conclude where the water will come from, which angle, and what cliffs the water will climb due to tidal bore. But those with 3 flanks to worry about may find themselves in the same crunch that those inland with major rivers on more than one side will experience, as in the area in France where waves from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic will meet in the middle, forcing water higher in the center of that land than would ever be expected if a wave from only one side, at a time, was experienced. Thus, Korea will experience ravaging quakes from the compression the Pacific will be going under, and awash with water that may be higher inland than imaginable. Few, if any, will survive there.