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TOPIC: Electro-Magnetic Pulse

During the pole shift, Possible EMP may occur from Magnetic Fields generated by the churning and shifting core, as the Defense Dept. is aware. A Self Test can be done to verify effectiveness. EMP is explained by the Magnetic Shield Corp., Viatech, the Army Corps of Engineers, and books on Engineering Fundamentals. Grounding as protection from Lightning is not necessary for idle equipment during the pole shift hour. Shielding using Iron or various metals such as Copper Mesh or other Non-Magnetic metals is used in order to protect sensitive technology such as computers. Other Steps can be taken to safeguard computers, too. Solid state circuitry benefits most from Mumetal Shields, which can be purchased from a number of Mumetal Sources, but to shield from strong magnetic fields, Iron is Best. Iron shielding such as can be achieved using Ammo Boxes.