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Linux is a free operating system anyone can use or modify, with free high-performance compilers and development kits available for just about any language for free. Features:

Just like when I was a kid, the days of power computing are coming back. People are ditching Microsoft and building and improving a better, faster, free mass of computer software. I use Linux everyday and love it. Take the time to learn this stuff and it will pay off in big ways. You'll get a personal satisfaction of figuring out how to do something yourself, and using something people made as a improvement to society. You can even buy inexpensive Linux packages from the stores now, which are easy to set up and get started on. If you learn how to use free, standardized, publicly available operating systems and software you will be more likely to really understand computers better and be able to use them when today's software companies go under. Since Linux is not developed by one software company there is no risk involved with using it. It won't go away, and it will always be supported since the public supports it.

Here are some good Linux links, or use the net search engines.

Offered by Joe.