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TOPIC: On Foot

Walking will be the primary means of transportation in the Aftertime, as bridges will be down, roads torn up, and fuel such as gasoline hard to find. Prepare to be temporarily on foot by taking Family Classes and learning to Be Alert. Groups will be roving about, in desperate search of better circumstances. Tips on How to Pack the Stuff Needed in today's world stands in Contrast to the pole shift reality. What are the Minimum items to pack, and how to prioritize What to Carry? Of key importance are Boots and care of the Feet, Balance, a low profile Appearance, a Night Light, wearing a Poncho for the rain and Wool in preference to Synthetics, with Fire Retarding properties in mind. The emphasis changes if one is on foot Pre Pole Shift, Post Pole Shift, or while Surviving the pole shift. Starting a Fire without Dry Wood requires planning, but one could Carry Embers and Rekindle a fire. A dedicated Troubled Times member offers some hiking tips from the books the Complete Walker, the Survival Handbook, the Good Earth Almanac Survival Handbook, and the Complete Wilderness Training Book, and many web sites Teaching how to survive while on foot or offering supplies abound.