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Can I talk with other people preparing?

Most certainly! On our lists and perpetual IRC channel you will find people that have been preparing for many years, and those that have just begun. Before joining any of the lists, please read and understand the purpose for each one to avoid confusion, and the wrath of the list monitors! Also, if you are uncomfortable with posing questions before a group in the beginning (we have many lurkers out there!) you may send questions to the FAQ Queue. One of the members of Troubled Times will be happy to help, or at least point you in the right direction!

Please remember that you should never reveal, publically, where your survival site is located or give personal information on the lists or IRC chat. Keep this close, and use private e-mail for any such information exchange. In making preparations, friends and family members you have known for a long time are the individuals you can count on. Giving personal information out to those casually met via the Internet is never a good idea. Keep discussions on personal preparations or your locale general, to protect yourself.