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Who is Nancy?

Nancy is the Zetan Emissary, and has been aware of her contactee status since 1993. She started Zetatalk in 1995 in what was then known as ISCNI (an AOL chat group). She has also composed Zetatalk in book form for those that prefer the written page, and those that do not have access to the Web. These books are sold through mail order, but the entire contents of Zetatalk is available for free on the website. The point is: she is not in this for money fame or power; she is simply delivering the message that the Zetas provide to the best of her ability.

Nancy is not a Channel or Medium. Channeling implies that the messenger is being controlled by and giving information directly from the entity being channeled. Nancy on the other hand has enhanced telepathic communication with the Zetas and is not controlled or given over to the channelee. Nancy receives a message in the form of emotions, thoughts, pictures, etc. and then tries to put the right words to them. That is why she sometimes misinterprets and is corrected by the Zetas. We are hearing what words Nancy has put to a message that she is conveying for someone else. So Nancy is much more involved in the message than a channeler would be. See:

ZetaTalk: Language Barriers