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TOPIC: Bearings

The pole shift will disturb every known bearing humans rely upon. A Stable Anchor will be Appreciated, as the Sun will rise in a different place, the earth's new tilt will create a New Latitude for almost all locations, a 24 hour day may not be the result, and Magnetic North and South will slowly firm up as the swirling core settles down. With a Team Effort, new bearings could be Established. Use of a home made Sextant or a Compass and taking note of Fixed Positions both prior to and after the pole shift will help. Radio Frequencies can be used as a guide, and short wave radio buffs already have a technique for Locating the Moon. Watches will require Battery Changing as Motion Charged watches may be unstable. Synchronizing a Wind-Up Watch may help survivors stay in sync, and Carrier Pigeons are an option for communications between groups. The US Armed Forces Survival Manual suggests maintaining Direction or Time of Day by shadow tip or Equal Shadow from the Sun, Dead Reckoning or Steering Marks, but take into consideration Earth Changes! Subtle differences in Skylight, enhanced by using a Blue Filter, can determine relation to the Sun.