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TOPIC: Radio

Information on on Getting Started in short wave radio can be secured from ARRL, a Highly Recommended organization, and the rules are now more Relaxed. Information on Antennas, Home-Made Antennas, Inexpensive setups, using Old Dishes, and a Beginner's Guide is available. Short wave radio is an International communications vehicle, and the Best Bet to survive the shift. Long Distance communication is possible by bouncing off the Ionosphere or using Moon Bounce or even Meteor Trails, a Recommended method, and Ground Wave techniques work for short distances. Hams set up for communication via their own satellite could adapt, when satellite disruptions occur due to Meteor Storms or Solar Flares. Via Radio Relay, a VHF Internet, via Packet Radio and using TNC could even exist, but would need to be Scheduled and there are Repeater Issues and Alternatives. Moving packets is even possible with Ham Radio. Alternatives would be Wireless Radio via Microwave or via Radar Transmissions, but this would not be as Cost Effective, or GWEN, but Common Use radio such as CB will most likely be the vehicle. Knowing the primary Radio Frequencies are essential in communicating with others, and following the Wilderness Protocol helps. Many websites exist with information on Emergency Communications. A Troubled Times TEAM has been formed to develop solutions around short wave radio.