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TOPIC: Nuclear Dangers

Radiation Hazards can often be faced by a Common Sense approach in the face of differing opinions, and Precautions can be taken. There can be Plutonium pollution from a Reactor Meltdown, as Chernobyl attests. Clusters of US Reactors (by State), European Reactors, and Reactors Worldwide exist, but most countries are free of this danger. Closing Down reactors is problematic, causing delays. The location of nuclear waste storage sites, nuclear facilities such as Oak Ridge, should also be considered. Underground containment can spread. The location of Nuclear Warheads, and being a Safe Distance from them, is a primary consideration as these warheads are not likely to be disabled prior to the shift. A Home Made radiation detector can be constructed. Taking Iodine guards against radiation poisoning, and Miso Soup made from kelp proved itself during WWII in Japan, eliminating radiation poisoning in those taking it during the bombing.