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TOPIC: Models

Celistine Properties is patterned after the nine insights from the book. Other planned communities include the Venus Project, and Intentional Communities. This concept of Sustainable Living is echoed in Earthship in New Mexico, Walton's, in Idahoe, Survival School tools and courses, Eco-Villages, and The Farm in Tennessee. Life in the Aftertime will be Gloomy and damp, and the Reality of survival grim, so prepare the family for Adjustments and take Start Steps. An indoor Biosphere Community or Community Gardens would be sustainable. Grow World is an example, as is the Sergyenko homestead in Kiev. In planning a site, a Question and Answer exercise can help. There are various possible social Scenarios that could present. The Silent Treatment by the government is due to the fear of panic, beyond what the movie Deep Impact dramatized. Consider cash crops from a Commercial Site, which then pays for itself. Actual survival sites or planned sites that serve as models are: