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TOPIC: Pest Control

After a pole shift, pests that live on garbage such as cockroaches, Flies and their Maggots, and rats will proliferate. UltraSound drives insects away, and works on Cats and Coons too. Gardens are plagued by Snails and Locusts, and indoor gardens by Aphids, but some are Helpful Insects. Substitutes or Alternatives for chemical pesticides no longer on the shelves are available. There are many natural and/or mechanical means for getting rid of Ants, Fleas, Moths, Roaches, Moles, Mice, Weevils, and Lice. Many plants such as the herb Pennyroyal or Lemon Grass or others mentioned in the book Wilderness Way are natural Insect Repellants. Staying Clean is also a means of avoiding insects such as fleas and Mosquitoes or the Insect Swarms that occur in the wilderness, but many Natural Products repel mosquitoes. Using natural enemies of pests, such as Lizards or Nematodes for roaches, Snakes such as Pythons for rodents, or plant Derivatives such as Pyrethrums for insects may be the answer. Such an answer was found for controlling Cockroaches. Diseases can be carried by Mice. Much can also be said for Boric Acid. Carbon Dioxide can be used to lure termites away. Coca-Cola poisons rats. Stay dry to avoid Mildew, and milk is an Anti-Fungal agent.