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TOPIC: Safe Locations

A key consideration in setting up a survival camp is safety, as a description of the Ultimate Catastrophy explains. Securing the Ultimate Map from the Smithsonian, browsing the Dynamic Earth web site, checking the Altitude and securing Topo Maps, or seeing quakes and volcanism in Real Time can help in deliberations. There is greater safety in high altitude Deep Valleys and less safety in flood areas, noted here for Europe. There is greater risk along Plate Borders, the edges of plates, and greater stability at plate centers such as the centers of the South American Plate, North American Plate, the Eurasian Plate, or the African Plate. A Safe Location is determined by many factors, such as USA Risk or Worldwide Risk of earthquakes, Quake Severity along with Plate Logistics, Local Geography, and Liquifaction risk. A Safe Room in the home will not be sufficient.