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ZetaTalk: The Long Wait
written May 15, 2004

For those alert to the Earth changes and watching them trend toward our prediction of a pole shift in the near future, matters are progressing too slowly.

Those who have made major life changes, moving to a safer location with perhaps a drop in life style and taking a less interesting or lucrative job, in the main do not have regrets as they have this change behind them, not ahead of them. In a market where inflation is now running rampant, jobs increasingly hard to get, and the dampened economy making selling off real estate difficult, those having made their moves early are at an advantage. Those having made these early moves will also not be considered strangers in a new community when times get tense, but will be considered residents, neighbors, and friends. Those trying their hands for the first time at gardening or raising livestock have made their mistakes with time to correct them, the learning curve behind them. Thus, though impatient, those making early preparations are on a more solid footing

Those who have hesitated are most often those who are enjoying their current life style on the coastlines, with their mild breezes and beach access, or in lively cities replete with entertainment options. Give us a date, they plea, at least a time frame, so I can deprive myself of all this only when it is necessary. For them, the wait does not matter, as in any case they will be making the move only when they are pried from their comfort by fear, their coastlines awash or their cities collapsing around them. Thus, though demanding, those who have decided to cling to their toys and comforts until the last minute are not harmed by the wait, but at an advantage as some in this category may reconsider, and have the time to make real preparations. For them, the wait has been an opportunity.

Those who cannot move, for the many sad reasons that modern society imposes on those who would be free to move, have two options, both enhanced by the wait. The mother on welfare, the father with a tenuous job and few skills to market elsewhere, the extended family with a home open to many who would have no place to live if the home were sold, all find a move to a safer location bringing more pain than can be considered. They stay, and plan. For them, the wait is an opportunity to rehearse, if only mentally, the steps to be taken when it is clear that the time has arrived to rush for safety. What to pack, and where to go. Library books researched and items carefully assembled. Quiet discussions where anger at their circumstances changes to solid plans, well rehearsed by being revisited often in this way.

Those not connecting the Earth changes they are observing with prophecy have had the time to make this connection. Pointed movies on climate change or an unpredictable magnetic core, admissions by scientists that pole shifts recorded in the crust of the Earth have occurred, weather reports beyond any semblance of normal, and the utter lack of focus by those claiming to be the leaders of the world governments on where these Earth changes are heading. Conversations overheard on the bus, in the coffee shop, at the book store, lead them to explore ancient prophecies and modern day prophets. Thus, those who a year ago, on May 15, 2003, had not heard about the coming pole shift have benefited from the long wait, too.