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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 24, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

US Air Force Preps Classified Space Plane for Launch [Apr 22] The United States Air Force (USAF) is preparing to launch a top-secret robotic space plane from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft - known as the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle - will be carried into the depths of space via an Atlas 5 rocket. Although news of the launch has been announced, the vehicle's classified on-orbit tests remained shrouded in secrecy. The 4.9-ton spacecraft - which has a wingspan of 4.27 meters and is 8.84 meters long - will be testing the long-duration ability of reusable space vehicles to stay in space for up to 270 days at an altitude of 200-800 km from earth before making an automatic landing at the Vandenberg Air force Base in California. The X-37B was originally manufactured by Boeing's Phantom Works Division as NASA X-37. However, the project was eventually shut down to a lack of funding and transferred to the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The USAF officially assumed command of the X-37B in 2006.

This project has been on the drawing boards for a number of years, so nothing new. Where the agenda is not new, this particular tool is new as the X-37B could no longer be hidden during its launch. Is the agenda for having a perfect spying tool floating above the Earth for almost a year some terrestrial agenda, such as locating missile bases in other countries? At a height to rival the ISS in its view, the X-37B will be able to replace the functions of the ISS when this manned space station is no longer possible. The ISS has been under assault from meteor and emission damage for some years, with the crew frantic to be returned to the safety of Earth. The X-37B, being unmanned, will have the unclouded view above the atmosphere, without the need to sustain human life and deal with panic. It's intent? To keep close track of the approach of Planet X, which is closing in on the Earth and pulling the Earth into a magnetic dance lately, tilting and tipping the Earth and jerking it to and fro.

I have to comment on a weird phenomenon! When the sun was really going a few weeks ago there was a rhythmic pulse on the X-Ray flux monitor! Once a day - every day for 3 months! Started in Jan ended last week! It was a negative deflection and lasted up until last week, when not only did the sunspots disappear, but that rhythmic pulse on the graph decreased for several days and then disappeared.' Also the number of quakes dropped off dramatically following these other two trends! From over 1400-1500 to now just around 450 today! This has to all be connected somehow!

Confusion over whether the Earth changes are caused by activity in the Sun or by the presence of Planet X abounds. This is compounded by the NASA theme, that this solar cycle will be one of stupendous activity, large CME's causing electromagnetic disruption on Earth and the like. There are even those quarters who are trying to relate the earthquake increase to activity in the Sun, though historically this has NEVER been the relationship. What then is causing the seeming coordinated activity of the Sun, or lack of activity, with earthquakes lately? BOTH are controlled by Planet X, and we will be specific in describing how this occurs.

When Planet X began its rise toward the Ecliptic, it prepared to align with the Sun's magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, which would force its N Pole to point upward at the point it crossed or pierced the Ecliptic. It has been gradually turning in place, a horizontal turn, to point its N Pole outward toward the hapless Earth during the 270° roll which would place it in that upright position. We have stated that because Planet X is somewhat to the right of Earth, coming toward the Earth in a retrograde orbit, that it must turn 195°, horizontally, in order to be facing its magnetic N Pole at Earth. This only happens temporarily, at present, because Planet X wants to be at 180° in order to comply with the Sun's magnetic flow lines. At present, Earth is still pulling to the left, to evade Planet X coming from the right, but this stance will be short lived.

The cup, the eddy flow caused by the flow or particles coming round behind Planet X, is tightening. Venus and the Dark Twin are caught in the cup too, and the Repulsion Force is forcing a distance between them and the Earth, thus pushing the Earth toward Planet X at times. As the cup tightens, Planet X is more directly between the Earth and Sun, with the lean of the Earth's N Pole away from Planet X more constant. What this also means is that Planet X more completely supplants the Sun's influence for the Earth, acting as a buffer. We have explained that since sunspots are magnetic storms, and the S Pole of Planet X is an intake for magnetons, that when the S Pole of Planet X points directly at the Sun it has a quieting effect on the Sun. This is the reason for the lack of sunspots during this solar cycle.

Since Planet X and the Earth and Venus and the Dark Twin all dither during this time, moving about, creating crowding, bouncing away, and adjusting yet again, this is a confusing time. The factors to be taken into consideration are:

  1. Is Planet X pointing its N Pole directly at Earth, so that Earth is losing its S Pole? If this is the case then Planet X is subsuming the Earth's magnetic field, forming a single field. To be in this stance, Planet X has temporarily turned its N Pole more than the 180° outward from the Sun, such that it is temporarily pointing its N Pole toward Earth. This forces Earth to lean to the left, then bounce back when the stance changes, all causing distress on the plates and earthquakes and plate movement as a result.
  2. Is Planet X pointing its N Pole off into space to the side of Earth, assuming a side-by-side alignment with Earth's magnetosphere? If this is the stance, then since Planet X is pointing out into space, away from the Sun, then the Earth will attempt to do likewise. Periods of quiet for the Earth's magnetosphere, when there is little plate movement or quakes, but there is a decided lean to the left or lean such that the N Pole of Earth is more away from the Sun than expected, are such times.
  3. Regardless of where Planet X's N Pole is pointing, where is Planet X physically in relation to the Earth? If it is blocking the Sun, acting as a buffer, its S Pole absorbing magnetons so the Sun's surface becomes quiet, then sunspots will seem to disappear and other emissions from the Sun may be deflected by Planet X, whose influence is over an immense area beyond merely the planet itself.
  4. As the cup tightens, the issue of where Venus and the Dark Twin are in relation to the Earth comes into play. The Dark Twin is already pushed outside of the orbit it shares with the Earth, to reduce crowding, but this will not keep it from being pushed closer to the Earth. Both these planets will prove to be a shock to mankind when they loom large in the skies before they escape the cup, leaving only the Earth hapless before Planet X. The position of these other planets affects the position of both Planet X and the Earth, as they are all restless bedmates in this drama.

Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, recently had a TV series on The Reality Channel delving into various controversial items such as 911, the super soldier program, and other timely topics in search of the truth. Six or more of these shows were aired and more were scheduled when suddenly, for no apparent reason, this TV series vanished. What happened to the very brave former governor and his series?

There is a vascilation going on in the media, where the urge to tell the truth and the urge to maintain silence on certain issues wrestle. There are those in the media, at high levels, who recognize that during times of chaos, secrets unravel, and that such times of chaos are just around the corner. Better to have the public aware of secrets and past deeds and get beyond their rage, so that mankind can better address the real challenges coming during the time of the pole shift. This wisdom at time forces honesty into the media, allowing such shows as Jesse Ventura's to air. CNN has a palpable dither on these issues at present, at times revealing a bit of truth regarding the increase in earthquakes and in the next breath proclaiming that all is normal. This type of lurching around will continue, as it represents the uncertainty and vacillation of those at the top. One day, an urge to let it all hang out and tell the truth, and the next day suddenly gripped by fear at what the public might do if informed. Eventually, the truth will sputter out, including the truth about the presence of Planet X and the alien presence, and such vacillation will cease. Loud denials by those guilty of cover-ups or prior crimes can be expected to take its place.

Is TRAP (the plan to restore america) legit? [and from another] Anti-Government Group tells Governors to Resign or be Removed [Apr 2] Security has been stepped up at some state capitols after an anti-government group mailed letters to more than 30 governors telling them they would be removed from office if they did not resign within three days. The FBI expects all 50 governors will get the letter from a fringe libertarian group calling itself the Guardians of the Free Republics, the Associated Press writes. The anti-corporate, anti-tax, anti-bank group promotes a "Restore America Plan" that relies on "de jure" (rightful) grand juries convened by citizens.

If by legit you mean not merely a hoax, this is a group, intent on making noise in order to get its way if not by any other means. Like the Tea Parties, these are individuals disgruntled at the Republican's loss of control over the White House and Congress. The inference in the letters is that covert violence will occur, the group formenting rebellion that will enforce its own laws. Since this is obviously against the law, threatening duly elected governors, action will be taken and at some point the arrests will hit the news.

The Zetas say that after the pole shift, humans will die from injuries, starvation, depression, and disease. I assume that many diseases will be conventional ailments like flu, pneumonia, and infection or conditions related to poor sanitation. My question: Will rare diseases be a threat? For instance, will polio, smallpox, and other ostensibly eradicated diseases re-emerge? Will obscure diseases that were heretofore concealed in the flora and fauna, such as ebola virus, be unearthed? If so, what is the best way to avoid or survive these deadly ailments?

All infectious disease is opportunistic, and where conditions for its proliferation exist it will take that opportunity. We have mentioned that ebola will proliferate in Africa, to an extent that will horrify many survivors there, because of the constant drizzle that occurs after the pole shift for many years. Ebola lives in the swamps, in creatures that live there, and these will likewise leave their swamps in search of food after the pole shift. Whether encountered in conflict or because swamp creatures are eaten as food by desperate survivors, ebola outbreaks will be frequent. A limiting factor is that survivor groups will be in infrequent contact with each other. A disease that kills off an entire group will not infect another group, because of this isolation.

In a question on April 3 about humans who consider themselves to be observers of life, the Zetas seemed to be chastising these individuals for not engaging in life. I have a follow-up question. How should humans who have been traumatized because of unfortunate circumstances, such as parental neglect or incest or abusive relationships, engage in life? Many of these individuals can be so emotionally damaged that they naturally withdraw from society as a defense mechanism. An example would be the thousands of victims of pedophilic clergy who say their lives have been changed forever.

Many of whom engage to help others who might befall the same fate! There are two choices. Engage and take action, or withdraw and observe.

The Zetas can tell what marks (on a scale 1-10) will enter last weeks? I understand that 7 will not enter into them and 10 certainly will enter. The Zetas can tell something about marks 8 and 9? They will enter last weeks i.e. will enter into frames of a magnetic trimester (4 mo.) in which these last weeks will be included?

Clearly the basis of a 1 to 10 scale was that 10 was the pole shift itself, so that a 9 can be assumed to be within the last weeks. A severe wobble, a lean to the left to the extent that the globe is laid out on its side, and a stopped rotation will put the plates in extreme stress. Just what an 8 will entail we decline to enumerate at this time.

Are you still planning on being a leader and helping others rebuild and organize after the pole shift? Not to be mean but everyone was a lot younger years ago before the great "White Lie". If it doesn't happen in the next few years I don't know how many people over age 70 will be able to withstand all the trauma of a pole shift.

Are you asking if physical strength is the means by which Nancy will be able to contribute to humanity after the pole shift? Are you seriously asking this? Or are you seriously suggesting that a 70 year old woman who has the work pace that Nancy does could not survive an hour in a trench while earthquakes and hurricane force winds roar overhead? We'll chalk this up to naivete or stupidity on your part.

Many people are waiting for the New Madrid fault line to snap and yet it seems that the eq activity in that area has not been significantly increasing over the past 2 weeks. As always you are not allowed to give any dates or timelines for the coming catastrophe there but how can people possibly prepare themselves for this event without having real clues about when and where the eq will hit? Are there maybe other clues / signs that they have to look out for especially in that area?

You could ask the same for tornadoes or lightning strikes, or when the West Coast volcanoes are going to blow, or when a relative of yours might develop cancer, or when you might next be crossing an intersection and impacted by a car that runs a red light. We can warn you about none of these things. Period.

Why are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first 2 men to walk on the Moon, so at odds in the recent NASA budget battles? Both took lead positions in this debate, one protesting against the new budget and wanting to return to the Moon, and the other supporting the administration's plan to cancel more Moon trips in favor of new plans to focus on Mars.

They are different individuals! Why should they be lock step in their views?

Is it true that HAARP and ELF towers are interfering with short-wave radio broadcasts? The Zetas have said that short-wave will be the only way to communicate over distance in the Aftertime; do CB radios also qualify? Is there a threshold power level (i.e. how many kilowatts) that will be necessary for using them in the Aftertime?

Please do not expect we, the Zetas, to be your short wave radio experts. This is common knowledge among human societies, where short wave in many forms (CB, HAM radio, etc) is in use. You figure it out, and stop pestering Nancy with these types of questions during the chat. It is all within the knowledge base of man. ELF is low frequency and utilizes the Earth itself as a vibrating medium. HAARP is attempting to use the atmosphere as a vibrating medium. In that the wave form is different for these three methods, there should be no conflict.

The Zetas said something like hybrids were deliberately depleted of genes of "blind anger". Is not it enough just to have too mature soul? Or having such a soul does not guarantee "mature" actions of a creature? And so whatever good soul one has one can not do without genetic engineering to become a true 4th density creature?

Clearly, in creating an intelligent creature for 4th density Service-to-Other life, one does not wish to merely throw stones in the path of such a life. To what purpose would allowing blind rage to exist when the soul would have to struggle with either guilt over having lost control of a body wired to give in to such a rage, or struggle with attempts to prevent such a rage to unleash? There are other things that are more important. We consider this a silly question, one that Nancy should have skipped for the reasons given. Are you just looking for material to ask, regardless of quality?

The zetas have told us in the past about such incidents as the shoot-out at the Rayburn Office Building garage, and the fire in the Old Executive Office Building. Have there been any similar incidents recently, that indicate that war rages on behind the scenes between the coverup artists?

None that have hit the public eye.

do you or the Zetas think Lloyd Pye's "starchild skull" will be the beginning of disclosure after all the DNA testing is done? He has already proven through tests that the mother is human and the father has no known matching base pairs of anything tested on Earth.

This certainly qualifies as proof of alien existence, though skeptics will always find some other explanation. Perhaps the father was an ape little known to man, for instance. That sort of argument.

When the tsunami hits Ireland and the UK, approx what speed will it hit the coast line at, and approx how far in land will the tsunami go as Ireland and the UK will be the first and I am assuming worst hit?

We have stated that the tsunami that will hit Europe will be from 200-300 feet high at its worst. If the pole shift tidal waves are estimated to strike the coastlines 500-600 feet high, but diminish to 200 feet inland by 100 miles, then assume approximately half this distance and height for the tsunami. Where the tidal waves during the pole shift are essentially the ocean on the move, like a normal tide but with more of a volume of water, a tsunami moves differently as it is a wave in an otherwise quiescent ocean. Thus, tsunami build suddenly at the coastline, and rush inland at wave speed. Assume the same for this tsunami as for all others of record, which man has in its historical records.

Why did the zetas give the US advanced technology?

We didn't.

Since the Zetas are so much more advanced than us what makes them trust worthy? Conquerors always try to win over the native population during their conquest to occupy land, don't they? Couldn't all this talk about Service to Self and Service to Others just be a ruse to make it simpler for them to occupy the earth?

Do you trust your mother? Your father? Your spouse? Your best friend? Why? The same logic applies. If you assume that anyone can be lying to you, then why not these individuals? You judge them by all their prior actions, and the general vibes you get from them. Do they step up to the plate when needed, supporting you, putting themselves at risk or sacrifice for you at times, or do they disappoint you, walk away from you, and break their promises? Contactees know their visitors, often better than they know their friends and relatives, from frequent contact and interaction and joint team efforts. You are obviously not a contactee or you would not ask such a vapid question.

I have a question about all the cell towers they're building around the USA and world. What are those really going to be used for? I'm guessing they have more to do than just making your cell phones work.

In truth, there is a dual agenda. Cell phones are extremely popular and heavily advertised. They are billed as small computers on the move, supporting both text and voice communications. There is hardly a TV show or movie that does not contain the main characters using cell phones. Lots of towers allows a phone company to advertise that coverage is broad, so there is an immediate cost benefit return. But this effort is supported, behind the scenes, by units such as Homeland Security, as they foresee these many towers being used to support communications when long land lines go out or are torn down. Each tower can have its own battery or generator, and thus support emergency communications by the public.

I'm wondering if there is any merit to reports of flying "humanoids" I've been seeing lately. A sky watcher named Amado Marquez videotaped a "little man" flying horizontally in a standing position. According to the newspaper La Prensa , an airline pilot sighted a little flying man during their descent into the Mexico City airport. The co-pilot also witnessed the sighting. On February 14, 2004, Ana Luisa Cid videotaped a large dark object. It had a black body below and a structure above. Also, the flying humanoid sightings continue to be reported in Santa Monica, Ca. Is this defense related or other?

There is merit to such reports, as we have formerly commented upon the Brujas phenomena. Like the dragons and vampire bats of old, and the chupacabra of recent years, this is a Service-to-Self alien attempt to imbue the hearts of man with fear. Resist this, and stand up to such intimidation.

Undecided souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being moved to their new octopus life form on a water planet? STO souls who have recently left their human body. Are they already being born as hybrids? Or will the whole process start only after Pole Shift?

The Transformation is now. Those who are Service-to-Self are taken to their prison planets as they die, and not allowed to reincarnate on Earth except in situations where they are on the verge of their final decision so allowed one last incarnation to make that determination. Those who are Service-to-Other are either reincarnating on Earth or into Hybrid or even full Zeta bodies, depending upon their situation, their personal mission. Those who are undecided, at this time, are almost invariably moved along to their new water world, unless there is a match between the lessons the soul needs to learn, the opportunities it needs, and the needs of a family the babe would be placed within. Some mixed households are staged for the benefit of all. A highly Service-to-Other parent or child might benefit from having a highly Service-to-Self member of the family, so they can learn what to expect during 4th density during encounters or engagements with those in the Service-to-Self. An undecided, in this environment, might gain much wisdom in watching the interaction, and thus be a leader on the new water world. There are as many variables as there are souls involved.

Does the Caucasian and Asian race have more alien DNA than the Black race? Can you elaborate on whether humans evolved naturally or were genetically engineered by extraterrestrials?

They did both, and all races of many have both. The races of man used different root apes, and different variants of alien DNA.

To what extent are the puppet masters involved in the UK election? What is their influence and who do they want as the next Prime Minister? Would Nick Clegg ever be allowed to be the next Prime Minister? He seems the best out of a bad lot!

We decline to detail each and every election or elected official as to their orientation or the Puppet Master's preferences. The Puppet Master is a master negotiator, and gains an upper hand with whomever is elected. If he wants someone to pull ahead, he uses his influence during the election to effect this. Thus, if you learn to discern what is happening, you can discern his choices.

Could the Zetas explain the nature of the force that keeps soul and body together? Is it magnetic? How is it that some souls have the skill to leave their bodies, some don't? And how can certain chemical substances have the power to trigger the Out of Body experience?

Chemicals do not trigger an Out of Body, despite claims. There are those who would take your money with these claims, which can neither be proven or disproven. The body of course does not need to be held together, as this is its natural state. The soul does not use magnetism nor any other means known to man to incarnate a body. The stuff of souls is not, frankly, even well understood by ourselves, the Zetas.

How do airplanes not see the Earth wobble? Earth should move beneath them, and airplanes are not anchored to the ground beneath them.

The Earth's blanket of water, the oceans, and the blanket of air, the atmosphere, in the main move with the Earth. Where this is not the case, then the Earth's surface assumes a head wind, as this is what it feels like to the airplane or someone standing on the surface. In the water, this feels like a tide a boat must fight against, an unusual current.

I'm from Guatemala, many old Mayan people here told histories like what you describe in the events for pole shifting (Guatemala and Central America falling into the ocean), that is part of their traditions learned from their parents from many generations before. Did the Mayan know about this event?

Absolutely. The Maya learned about the present time from the Annunaki, who mined for gold in Central and South America.

There have been some UFO sightings in Victoria, B.C (on the island) in the last few months. I am curious if the message relayed dealt specifically with the scenarios you discuss in the safe locations section of ZT. I understand that the island will move roughly 100 miles North - so it will be in a colder climate than the mainland after the shift? Since the compression of the plates will cause the island to rise more, will there be less worry for sloshing tides, and more of a worry for heat compression in the rocks and lateral movement from plate shifting? I am just curious in a little more information on the island, thanks a bunch!

The new Equator will run through the Bearing Straits and down the Pacific toward Antarctica, so the West Coast of N America will have a very pleasant climate, not cold. Mountain building is expected where subduction occurs, of course, and this is true for islands that share the space on a plate that is building.

Is it true that there are twelve HAARP's around the world? Are they situated in the 12 vortex areas surrounding the Earth?

No, to both questions. HAARP is as is explained to the public, and is not a secret program.

Will that new "fungus illness breaking out in Oregon" be found to be manmade?

No. This is already known to man, to scientists, and the route by which it arrived in Canada known.