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ZetaTalk: NASA Cover-up
written January 25, 2010

A German debunking site posted SOHO images purporting to show that the Winged Globe of Planet X, with streaming tail, was appearing in 1999, well before the arrival date of Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003. [and from another] I have found these pictures in a German Debunker forum. The explanation there are asteroids. It looks like Planet X of the last years. Now I am confused. Are the pictures or the date from NASA faked? [and from another] The Germans were suspicious, noting that this 1999 example did not have the appearance of an asteroid or comet, which would have a streaming tail but only one leading edge, not the wings. A very active thread on the Pole Shift ning resulted, where these 1999 images were examined. What was discovered was obvious signs of doctoring in the 1999 images. The doctoring, a cut-and-paste job, showed up in many different analyses.

In the past month, those at NASA have been almost frantic about the appearance of Planet X on their SOHO images. The decision to simply ignore this, or to assert that the WISE scan has picked up an increasing number of asteroids in the area, has seemed too light a response. Certainly the argument could be made, as it was on the German site, that asteroids never looked like this in the past, with a drifting tail and wings. Those at NASA fear their participation in the cover-up will be revealed, and as the arm of the US government responsible for monitoring space, they would be the likely scapegoats. Angry mobs at their gates, an inability to go home, and no place to run as it is not yet time to dash to the bunkers. Gripped by fear, some at NASA made stupid decisions, allowing the SOHO archives to be doctored, or should we say allowing doctored images to replace the original. The plan was to get the buzz on the Internet in their favor, that what is being interpreted to be Planet X on SOHO images lately have been around a long time, thus are likely some sort of asteroid swarm. Rather than go to message boards Nancy frequents, they took a side path, posting these on a German site. What was not expected was how quickly the obvious doctoring would be identified, so quickly that the asteroid swarm excuse could not take hold. What now? They will attempt to utilize the media, claiming that any electromagnetic interference is due to the mild activity of the Sun, and hammering the story that asteroids newly discovered by their WISE probe are swarming about. By this, they hope that those in the populace who can be led like sheep will dismiss any Internet buzz that asserts otherwise. This is not a wise move on the part of NASA, however, as other evidence of Planet X and its vast tail have already been noted - such as the Norway swirl, neon clouds, and the recent Australian radar circles. We have hinted that there are more things pending, which will discombobulate the establishment and put rips in the cover-up. By layering lie upon lie, those in NASA will only compound the rage that the public will visit upon them when the truth is finally out.

One analysis was to note the smeared appearance, which does not appear on C3 images that are legit and untouched. In fact, the doctored appearance on the image posted on the German debunker site has a different appearance than the doctored appearance on the NASA archives for SOHO. Note also the dark blue area under the paste, which is not consistent with the sunrays coming from the Sun.

For comparison, a legit image from March 27, 2009 3:18 showed no such signs of smearing or cut-and-paste.

I did an enhancement from one of the posted images dated 1999/08/15. The grouping around the main body from 1999 shows a different pattern grouping of material than the pattern grouping of material of analysis of current SOHO images of Planet X that I've enhanced. The enhancement that I used to show the grouping pattern of PX came from a blog entitled "Lasco C2 Frame 2010/01/22 11:54". The enhanced picture shown is Lasco C2 Frame 2010/01/22 11:54.

Doctored SOHO C2 images likewise showed the smeary effect, when the colors were reversed. Plus the C2 image on the German site for August 15, 1999 2:30 was again different from that drawn from the SOHO archives maintained by NASA.

For comparison, a SOHO C2 image for January 21, 2010 at 7:31 shows what a color reversal on a non-doctored image looks like.