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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 16, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Conversations With God series began as a trilogy and then spawned Friendship With God, Communion With God and The New Revelations. The latter I recently "discovered" again on my book shelf, having forgotten I bought it. These books, translated into some 27 languages, made a huge difference to me as I understood that I could no longer place blame for my decisions on anyone but myself. My question for the Zetas, if I may, is thus: Can they comment on the obviously STO author Neale Donald Walsch and his "conversations". He himself repeats that he felt these things happening "to" him rather than from him, and that the reader may feel the same. Was Walsch truly receiving messages from God the creator or from his guides or from alien beings?

We have stated, when asked about the book Urantia, that fiction can relay concepts as well as fact, and is often a better vehicle that fact as it can be entertaining and be less blunt. Of course the author was not talking direction to God. Even we Zetas, more highly evolved and knowledgeable than humans, do not know what God is, nor do we assume to be chatting with God. If the concepts, such as taking responsibility for oneself, one's decisions, are in line with reality, then this is good. Certainly, in our experience, one cannot blame others for personal decisions, and any attempt to do so does not succeed. In the end, you are stuck with your decisions. Nor will pleading to be directed in your steps, so as to evade responsibility, work. You must make decisions and take actions for spiritual progress.

A vibrations of love energy can frighten a STS essence. Can it attack STO essence to extinguish love?

The only attack an Service-to-Self entity might attempt, to extinguish love or empathy, would be to frighten the other such that they are distracted by self-protection. This is precisely what is being done during Service-to-Self mutilation rampages on cattle, for instance, or Service-to-Self scare tactics such as the Chupacabras. This is why they are trying to spread fear.

Zetas said that Putin has STO orientation, but Russia is a repressive regime. Who really operate this state?

Are you so naïve as to think that a single individual runs a country like Russia, or a country like the US? There are many people and organizations, with conflicting agendas. The military of a country is usually a separate entity, regardless of chain of command organization. Intelligence organizations are separate, operate on a need to know basis, and thus become under their own control. Even within the military or intelligence organizations there are stratas, groups, and cliques. Then if there is a parliament or congress, this gets thick with agendas and control and counter-control maneuvers. And we are mentioning only a few.

There will be settlements in Antarctica and New Land in the future after pole shift?

We have predicted that new land will emerge with the Antarctic Plate is pushed up between the tip of S American and Africa. This will occur during the pole shift, so settlements cannot occur there before this time. After the pole shift, this new land will be mud, several feet deep, for some time and not habitable. Antarctica will not be habitable beyond what it is today until some time after the pole shift likewise, when the ice melts, and even then the soil will not be warm enough to sustain agriculture for years.

Why do any people idealize any country or regime?

They wish to think things will go well, will be well, and to identify with a winning team.

Why are the thousands of amateur astronomers around the world not raising alarm bells about Planet X? I can understand why astronomers who work for NASA, NOAA, and other official agencies would be coerced into silence, but what is keeping the amateur astronomers silent?

They are leaned on. Do you think that all pressure for silence is someone coming to the door with a gun? What astronomer does not want to earn a living? If they raise questions, their job comes under question, or they are fired. Someone's boss gets a visit with information that the astronomer is a pedophile, is under investigation, could his personnel files please be made available to the authorities, and the job is lost. Or sanity is questioned. The astronomer gets a shot, under the armpit, and goes nuts. Thereafter no one will take his words seriously and he also has likely lost his job. Then there are those who watch this process take place against the likely whistle blower, and decide to keep their mouths shut so it does not happen to them. What do you think occurred after the JFK murder? How many people knew who killed him and why? Have you ever heard from these people? Think!

Can we expect more events on the scale of what just happened to Haiti during this calendar year? [and from another] Was the Haiti quake really a 7.0? Is this a harbinger of increasing stress on the N. American plate and an indication that the New Madrid rip will soon occur? [and from another] Is the Haiti earthquake and the ongoing aftershocks and earthquakes in that area an indication that something much worse is going to happen over there. As I have the feeling the Caribean area is about to snap. Can I assume that my feeling is right about this?

The Haiti quake of course was downgraded, as are all quakes these days. Haiti is on a fault line which has historically sustained large quakes, and can expect more. We have warned of this repeatedly, in our Safe Locations information for instance. Few will survive on Haiti as a result of the pole shift. Nancy also attended group meeting of contactees where she was shown a hologram vision that included the crumbling of the Caribbean well before the pole shift or last weeks, as a result of the rolling of the S American plate. This is what caused the Haiti quake, but there is much more to be anticipated. We reiterate. The Caribbean is not a safe place to be, nor Central America.

I have read article "Pending Partners" ../index/zeta179.htm.While earthchanges have not got characteristic rough tempo and last weeks have not come that there is a pain which brings expectation. What general recommendations can give the Zetas to all expecting partners who already one foot is on a scene of actions concerning a pain from expectation and a double life?

The gist of our words in Pending Partners was that many couples find themselves in relationships where one party takes the Earth changes and warnings seriously, while the other is in denial. This often means a divorce or separation, both going separate ways, is in the future. Denial often simply becomes more hardened, so that the partner who wants to take action must leave or die!

I know humans can give the Call to Zetas and other 4th-density beings, but can humans give the Call to 3rd-density human friends and family and colleagues? For example, if colleagues disagree about a work issue, could one of them give the Call to the other colleagues and request a meeting on a subsconscious level to help resolve the issue?

Telepathy of course can exist between humans and is utilized for these types of issues. The concept of the Call is a higher level being monitoring a younger soul, and responding for counseling when Called. Humans do such service to each other, for instance parent to child, or doctor to patient, or between friends, but this is most often done via other means than telepathy. Between densities, it is the Call, within the same density, it is friendship or responsibility.

Please tell me at what speed in MPH the plates will be moving at when they shift?

This is not a speed you will sense, as in G force when a shuttle takes off from the surface of the Earth. Just as the Concord jet can reach high speeds, yet the passengers sip their drinks and are unaware of the speed, you likewise will not sense speed during the hour of the pole shift because your start up and stopping will not be sudden. During startup, the core and crust are bonded, and thus here is drag on the speed with which the crust moves. There are, as we have mentioned, attachments to the neighborhood which hold the Earth in place and resist movement. When the pressure to move becomes too great, the core and crust rip from each other, so the crust can then pick up speed. When the crust comes to a stop, as we have stated it is more like a series of stops, the car crashing into sand filled barrels on the freeway, so the motion is gradually slowed, not a sudden stop. You can calculate the speed, if you wish. A 90 degree turn within the span of an hour. Allow in your calculation for a gradual startup and stop.

What's up with all the STS and STO leaders cozying up to help out on Haiti? Is the cover-up a united front between both now?

This is indeed related to what is anticipated in the future, when more such disasters will be in the news. Those in political power positions desire to eliminate any possibility of political opportunism. They hope to appear to the common man as united in compassion, so the blame game turns elsewhere. Hard times make for strange bedfellows.

I recently discovered that a dream that I had repeatedly in the late 70s about being underwater and seeing massive debris (buildings, vehicles, ships, whales) rushing towards me was shared by at least one other person. They also had this dream at that same time (around 1977 for a couple of years). We have never met, and they live on the other side of the world from me. I think it relates to 2012/Nibiru and may have more to the message. Was this contact? How do I find out who it was from and learn more? It has been with me ever since then? Were the Zetas responsible for this contact or another species/race?

Contactees often report visions or dreams about floods or the need to move out of cities. Commonly, when the contactee takes action, for instance moving away from a flood prone area, these dreams or worries stop. There are internet discussions about such common dreams, as the similarities are noted. It is irrelevant what alien group informed a contactee. The warning is the issue to be addressed.

Following the Haiti earthquake - are we now at a 7? (7 of 10) [and from another] We have not yet reached a "7" on the "1-10" scale in regard to approaching the pole shift but you clearly stated last time that a further increase would not be because of weather. So can we assume that either massive earthquakes or volcanic eruptions will basically lead up the scale to a 10 from this point? I know you're not allowed to disclose specifics but at least you can give away what kind of events we have to be looking for.

We indicated during 2008 when the scope moved from 2-3 at start of year to a 5+ by year end that more than Earth changes was involved, as sociological and economic issues were included. Since the world is slogging along in a depression, and crop shortages and consequent food shortages are a known issue, acknowledged by the establishment, we do not anticipate such issues to be the reason for progressing to a 7. Beyond this we cannot comment.

The Zetas have said the Earth is being "held". Would you please be specific as what is being held? The moon is still going around the Earth, so that relation is not 'held'. Are we being held in our orbit around the Sun? If so, are all the other planets being 'held'? Is the solar system itself being held? It would seem that moving at thousands of miles per hour, if the Earth were being held then everything else in the solar system would disappear over the horizon as they say, and be gone, and soon the Earth and the Moon would be just by themselves in space.

This is something you can figure out for yourself, but you are being coy. obviously the Earth is still in her orbit, at that fixed distance from the Sun, but is not progressing around the Sun but is rather being pushed backward in her orbit. We say this frequently. Obviously, the Moon is still in orbit around the Earth, as you see it there! We have stated that the Moon has a tilted orbit, a more extreme tilt, noted by many. This is not something we do, but which the Moon is doing to try to escape particle flows coming from Planet X. When there is an eclipse, we move the Moon so that those humans who would go insane or panic if the eclipse does not occur are allowed to remain in denial.

While the outpouring of support for the Haitians is a good sign for man's inclination to be STO, I'm concerned that soon we might get "compassion fatigue" if these kind of events continue going to the same well, without encouraging people to prepare for such events in their own neighborhoods. What do the zetas foresee in this regard?

Compassion fatigue will occur, even if people are encouraged to prepare for such events. The populace of the Earth is in the main spiritually undecided. They are empathic when things are going well in their personal lives, but quickly become self focused when things go wrong. And things are about to go wrong for a very many lives.

The other day I asked the Zetas to help my wife to overcome her reliance on psychotropic drugs for her mental health. She did not know I did that. I was outside and she was about to take a nap inside. At the same time a little gray came into her room and stood next to her and a large gray appeared in her face and entered her body and she jolted. She has had many experiences and loves the Zetas grays and she felt they were examining her. What I want to know is that is this possible? It was instantaneous and I came in the house and she said you are not going to believe what just happened. She told me and I said that I had just asked for that. Any comments? She of course is still on medication, but I was thinking about how there won't be any after the pole shift, and what could we do, so I thought I would ask the Zetas. I had no idea that as I finished asking they were already answering.

Your Call was Service-to-Other in that you were concerned about another, not yourself. Yes, the Call is answered without delay.

Recently Obama and some televangelist both said some pretty stupid things. They had both their opponents and their one time allies denouncing their statements. Both smacked of desperation. What were they thinking? Is Limbaugh sane or is there a purpose to his outlandish statement? As for the televangelist, are these people aware of what's about to happen?

Pat Robertson is a religious bigot, known for many statements which are hardly compassionate or in tune with what Christianity claims to be. Limbaugh's personal life shows his character - sexist and drug addicted. Neither is Service-to-Other, nor inclined in that direction in the least. This has nothing to do with knowledge of the pole shift.

Does the passage of Planet X usually coincide with the passage of our solar system through the galactic center? If not a usual coincidence, could this be one of the reasons why the Zetas say this passage of the red planet will be more severe? I have been reading about the effects of cosmic dust on earth's climate and wonder about the interactions of the cosmic dust from the galactic center with Planet X, the Earth, and the Sun. Can the Zetas elaborate on the effects of cosmic dust as a factor in the severity of this pole shift?

The galactic center nonsense was brought up and foisted on the public as an excuse for the Earth changes, which were anticipated to be increasing. Of course the Earth or the solar system would not be affected by an alignment, if indeed such an alignment were to take place, which it is not. Man's theories, in any case, are so far from reality that it makes the Flat Earth theory look elevated.

Is the Puppet Master feeling the need to step up the pace in putting Nancy out there?

Take your clue from the recent newspaper articles that featured Nancy. More is pending.

And is it possible that all the compassiate energies that people are sending to the Hatians uplifting the conscious awareness of mankind?

There is definitely a collective consciousness, not only due to telepathy but primarily due to soul communications with other souls or spirits in attendance on Earth. This can only be for the good.

Do you think the election in Massachusetts on Tuesday will affect the health care bill. I personally don't care for it, but realize we need to do something fast that is beneficial. Some say if a republican is elected, the health care bill is dead, so Obama is going to Mass tomorrow to help the democrat. Any comments on this mini drama?

As with all human affairs, this is in the hands of man so cannot be predicted. Man has free will.

Would you care to comment about the cocaine bag found at NASA installations?

NASA employees are under a great deal of stress these days. They are at the front of the cover-up over Planet X, and expect to be blamed by the public when admissions are finally made.

What is the role of art and music after the pole shift?

We have stressed this aspect of life in the Aftertime from the start of ZetaTalk. "It is no small matter to have music, poetry, and art. This fills the heart of the musician, poet, or artist as much as the recipient. There will be much need for such distraction, as the days will be dim, and the nights dark and long."

Do star children have a very real chance of becoming undecideds because of this incarnation and did they know that possibilty going in.

There is always this risk, and of course they are aware of the risk.

1.25 billion STO souls including starchildren must be made room for with suitable containers in the near future on earth. obviously they will not all be required at one time but the bell curve will be heavily weighted to the first 5 years after the shift. 500 million maybe! How is this or can this be accomplished? The logistics of that many babies seems impossible.

Your math is wrong. The Earth currently has 6 billion humans, of which only a billion have reincarnating souls. The rest are unlikely to spark a soul. Of the billion, 7% or so are Service-to-Self and will not be incarnating on Earth but will be taken to prison planets for their next incarnation, unless removed in human form to their new homes prior to the end of this incarnation. Of the billion, 30% or so are Service-to-Other and will be incarnating into hybrid bodies which we can produce rapidly, as incubation is assisted artificially so carrying to term in the mother is not required. The remainder of the billion are undecided and will go to a water planet for their next incarnation, and octopi have many eggs.

The zetas portray the people behind the cover-up as being a very unified, tightly-controlled operation that can intimidate even amateur astronomers who may only be students or housewives with loss of a job, reputation, or even their life. Yet the Puppet Master is portrayed as being undecided, and supposedly unable to control the mid-level managers, with "many agendas" in play. If this is so, then who or what organization is it that can maintain the cover-up on the front lines with such fearsome tactics? Would that be the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Bush family, a combination of them, or someone/some group that we haven't been told about?

The cover-up does not need maintenance, it is a self-protective maneuver by any personage or group that would feel under threat by the public being informed. The truth about the inbound Planet X was relayed to the US Military by Service-to-Self aliens who contacted them just before the Roswell incident. This resulted in MJ12, which pulled in individuals from wealthy families, from the politically powerful within the US and ultimately within Russia and Britain and other countries. Their first concerns were for themselves, their safety, and any personal plans they had involved avoiding public panic or demand for equal protection in the bunkers. Organized religion became aware, due to those informed going to confession or wringing their hands, and likewise did not want either the alien presence or the pending pole shift mentioned to their flocks. Those at the helm are concerned about their own safety, and do not want the emotional drain that full disclosure brings about.

On the ZT, Most Terrible Day ../poleshft/p68.htm Many who believe that the pole shift is only a matter of time cannot prepare to the extent that the survivalists are able to. Many people live paycheck to paycheck, and there is just no money left at the end of the week. Will having the basics such as a garden, seeds, gardening tools, books on edible weeds, shelter and water enable a person to survive until things settle down? Or does one have to have a immense and elaborate plan to hope to survive.

Your simple plan is in fact better than an elaborate plan. Add learning a skill set, such as working with hand tools, or a knowledge of electronics sufficient to building a windmill out of car parts and scrap. Certainly almost anyone can practice saving seed by doing container gardening. Complicated plans just have more that can go wrong, so the broken link interferes. Include mobility in your plan, in case you need to move.

Is Haiti really receiving the aid it is promised from many countries? Or is the food and medical supplies being pirated elsewhere. I've noticed on TV that relief efforts by some countries seemed selective about who they were there to help.

Relief efforts are always subject to fraud and theft. But heavy exposure by the media helps to keep this in line. It is also not uncommon for the giver to try to manipulate how the funds are utilized. The desire for control takes precedence over compassion, though for some, the desire for control is to avoid known corruption in the country.

I'm wondering about when to plant the seeds? If the Earth is stopped in its orbit what time will it start up again. How can we tell when it's Spring. I don't care about telling time in regards to my appointment at the hair dresser or whatever, with the expected cloud cover, the changes in latitude. Who knows about the prevailing winds or the ocean currents. It's more than I get figure out.

Have you checked the New Geography link, where you can determine your target climate? The Earth of the future will not have the tilt, the 23 degree tilt, that the present Earth has, so your seasons will be more extreme during the year. Take into consideration that your current climate might need to cool off or warm up, for a few months.

Could we possibly get more information about the kind of events that will finally lead up to the actual pole shift? Of course you stated that things "will get worse" but in what timeframe are we going to see an increase in eq's or volcanic eruptions after all? Is there a pattern with the recent Haiti quake that we have to follow?

No, you can't get more information. We are allowed to explain steps, and what in general to expect. We are not allowed to give specific information as to place, date, and time. We can state the New Madrid will adjust prior to the pole shift but cannot give any clue as to when. We are allowed to say that the pole shift quakes will be magnitude 9, everywhere, which is equivalent to a Richter 15 worldwide, but cannot say when. Nancy shares her recent vision in which the Caribbean would be crushed as the S American plate rolled, but cannot say when. As to what kind of events lead up to the pole shift, we have detailed the last weeks, thoroughly.

On your future map of the Earth, Greenland ends up above the west coast of the US. Doesn't that mean that to leave the east coast, go over the present north pole and to the present west coast it is going to go 4,000 miles in one hour. Won't that create huge tidal waves just by itself? You say it will start off slow and end slow so that means that in the middle it must be traveling at 6,000 miles per hour. Wow! Do I have that right?

The oceans move with the Earth, in the main, but the tidal waves we have been warning about are as a result of this movement. How fast does the Concord go? The passengers are not aware of this speed at all during takeoff or landing. It is the same with the Earth's crust, as the atmosphere moves with the Earth, creating no more than hurricane force winds on the surface. What is it about the speed that would cause distress on the surface of the Earth? In a speeding car, there is no distress unless sudden braking or a crash or a broken window result. While zooming along, there is no distress!