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ZetaTalk: Pole Shift Timeline
written September 12, 2009

Where descriptions of the geological changes that accompany a pole shift are often used as proof that prior pole shifts have occurred, other than the time line of occurring approximately every 3,600 years there is no inherent timeline record for the last weeks in such geological record. The pole shift rents rock and rearranges the landscape and is accompanied by huge tidal waves and exploding volcanoes. This is clear. Just how large or frequent the earthquakes were, weeks ahead of time, is not of record. Then there is the issue of folklore, as almost every culture has a story stemming from a prior pole shift. Where there is a written record, such as the Egyptian record in the Kolbrin, many details are carried in the report, but most cultures simply have a few statements indicating the horror of the hour of the pole shift or the days of rotation stoppage or perhaps a severe wobble leading into the horror. As this is clearly a description of the last weeks, no larger timeline is inherent. Where other phenomena are included, such as snow in summer or women so tense that they abort or do not conceive or intractable droughts, there is no sense of how many years such a phenomena was present prior to the pole shift itself.

Even where the Bible implies a seven year period of plagues, the magnitude of droughts and crop failure or disease from depressed immune systems confuses the issue. The Kolbrin mentions that Noah began building his arc when the Moon turned copper and the moon moved swifly across the sky, implying a definitive wobble. Certainly there are reports of a copper moon today, and rapid movement of the Moon has been noted by some, but most of the populace seem oblivious. But can such correlation be used to extrapolate a pole shift date today? How long does it take to build an arc, and how swiftly did the Moon cross the sky to clue Noah that the time had arrived? The Kolbrin reports that during the Exodus that signs in the sky clued the populace that another pole shift was pending. Then there was a period of stillness, relative calm, when the populace was tense as they knew the prophecies and knew what was pending. Then the tail of Planet X, bringing red dust and hail, was upon them and social disruption and plague affected the populace. But the Kolbrin does not state how long a period passed between the signs in the sky and the horror of the last weeks.

Many following ZetaTalk have tried to correlate our descriptions of pending Earth changes with past history and other prophecy, with poor results. This is intentional. We are not allowed to give a date, nor any clue as to the timeline. Our descriptions of the last weeks are exempt as by then it will be obvious. Our statement that the pole shift will coincide with the end of a magnetic trimester - the end of April, August, or December - is allowed because this likewise will only be clear when the last weeks have arrived, and no year is mentioned. We are pressed endlessly by those wanting more specificity, those wanting to plan, or those longing for more definite signs by which to argue their case with family or friends, but we cannot give more than we already have.

Kolbrin on Noah: They had knowledge of … signs and omens, the secrets of the seasons, of the moon and the coming of the waters. ... there were wise men filled with the inner wisdom, who read The Book of Heaven with understanding and knew the signs. … Then the day came when The Lady of the Night changed her garment for one of a different hue, and her form swept more swiftly across the skies. Her tresses streamed out behind in gold and copper, and she rode in a chariot of fire. … the hour of trial draws nigh. The shadow of doom approaches this land …

Kolbrin on the Exodus: The dark days began with the last visitation of the Destroyer and they were foretold by strange omens in the skies. All men were silent and went about with pale faces. Fear walked the land and woman became barren with terror, they could not conceive, and those with child aborted. The days of stillness were followed by a time when the noise of trumpeting and shrilling was heard in the Heavens, and the people became as frightened beasts without a headsman. … The dead were no longer sacred and were thrown into the waters. He who grew no grain now owned a storehouse full. Cattle were left unattended to roam into strange pastures, and men ignored their marks and slew the beasts of their neighbours. No man owned anything. The public records were cast forth and destroyed, and no man knew who were slaves and who were masters. … Plague was throughout the land, the river was bloody and blood was everywhere. Those who did drink from the river vomited it up. The dust tore wounds in the skin of man and beast.