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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 11, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Most of the readers think, another word for the Service-to-Self is - evil ("they go to hell") and another word for the Service-to-Other is - good ("they go to heaven"). But I don't think this is the same. Service-to-other doesn't mean automatically - good, I think. Am I right? What is the "end station" of Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other orientation?

We have stated that those in the Service-to-Other are not entirely without self focus. The rule is that 50% of the time, they are concerned about maintaining the self, or other issues like vanity or insecurity that preoccupy the particular entity. Thus, in a manner of speaking, a Service-to-Other entity is somewhat Service-to-Self. But the rule for being Service-to-Self, a mature Service-to-Self, is that the entity is so self focused that it has no care for others. This is different than preserving the self when a Service-to-Other entity.

Will the hybrids have sense of humour, like some people have and Zetas (as they said) don't have?

We didn't say that we lacked a sense of humor.

Now that Obama has his stamp on the government and we are starting see admissions of things like massive spying by the CIA on Americans (Panetta this week) is it more likely that whistle blowers will not be targeted for silencing like the were in the past? I assume that no general announcement on PX will be forthcoming but one would think that Obama does not condone these types of assassinations like Bush/Cheney did.

As we have mentioned, assassinations actually increase when those who fear prosecution becomes more fearful of being exposed. Those who participated in Bush/Cheney crimes were reassured during the Bush/Cheney years, but now logically have become more fearful. Assassination orders will not come from the Obama White House. It will come from those fearing prosecution or exposure.

Any hint as to when the seasons will start to blend into one? The weather extremes are getting pretty tough and to be honest a "blended season" is starting to look pretty good by comparison.

We cannot and will not make any comment that would give a hint as to a timeline.

Can the zetas comment on how much longer the "long before 2012" line will continue to be useful? I know that this is stating the obvious but most readers of ZetaTalk are reasonably intelligent and well informed. Would it not be better just to say nothing in this regard now as accurate specific dates will never be given, per the zetas and everyone is aware of the tendency for lies (white lie(s)) to be told in this area? Is this to just re- enforce the unreliability of ZetaTalk in this one area only?

We are not allowed to give a date. In that stating "before 2012" is in a manner of speaking "giving a date", this should be taken with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, we are advising people, as we have since the start of ZetaTalk, to take action, not to wait. Those asking for guidelines are most often those wanting to linger in comfortable jobs and surroundings, not getting their hands dirty with gardening or animal husbandry, not moving to the hinterlands but preferring to stay on the shores where life is more pleasant. Nancy gets requests to give advice on when to sell this or that stock, or if it is safe to dares to take a cruise or vacation. Where the issues should be basic survival, and how to care for injured and starving survivors, this is not the type of request that is well received. Get your ass prepared, and stop thinking of the exact date! That's our message to you.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Questions: 1) I invented a method by which a person can change his body, but only the previous exclusion remains, this can be done? 2) The power of thought, you can create a device on the project information system of Earth, allowing you to communicate telepathic?

If you invented this, then the proof of your invention is in your hands. We have addressed what telepathy is, and how it works, repeatedly. We talk to our contactees. We talk to each other. We are not interested in some sort of broadcast method, as we already have this in place. What you seem to be asking for is a method whereby you can communicate telepathically at will to aliens or other humans. We have no interest is assisting you in this, as your intent is to enhance yourself, not to aid others.

Last chat Zetas, answering my Q, accented on a great role of will for recovering during disease. I knew about this their statement before but in combination with another recent one - that thoughts are not material - it confused me absolutely. On the one hand thoughts are not material; on the other will, which may be "sized" with the help of concentration of thought, brings direct physical effect. Do I misunderstand something ? Please, explain clearly !

The will to live is in the mind, the brain, which influences the immune system. Thus, it influences the physical.

The second Q comes from the first one. Can a person influence material world using concentartion of thoughts and will? For example - to burn a piece of paper only by holding it in a hand and concentarting will on a desire to burn it?

The human Theta brain wave can influence substance, which is the basis of poltergeist activity. There is a limit to what this brain wave can do, however.

There are solid rumors that bank holidays will take place in August- September 2009 by very well known source. Do the zeta see this coming?

We have mentioned restricted bank hours is one way of dealing with a bank panic - restricting hours, limiting access to certain services, and putting limits on withdrawals. Just when such practices might be imposed is impossible to predict, as it is in the hands of man who is subject to free will.

What about the Zeta alien fetus autopsy video released recently:

The only hybrids being produced are Zeta/human hybrids. This is done via human volunteers. Botched jobs are not done, nor are the fetuses left in humans for more than a few weeks at most. Most often, ova and sperm are removed and the whole procedure done elsewhere. Whatever the motives of those compiling this video, it is not the truth.

If Planet X is near of the Sun it must do a great heat influence. Why did not Annunaki "fried" yet?

Planet X is a water planet, 4 times the diameter of Earth. Water can absorb a great deal of heat, rising only a few degrees overall. The planet is also shrouded by a dense dust cloud. When you pass from direct sunlight to shade, do you not note a drop in temperature? Most of what the Sun delivers is deflected, and they are nowhere near to being fried.

The Edgar Cayce foundation in Virginia beach/web site seems locked into 2012 as PX arrival date. Why is it that Zetas preditions are ignored?

We, as Zetas, have stated that we will not correlate our prophecy with others. It is certainly true that those who follow the prophecies of others do not bother to be aware of what we have stated. This is not the opinion of Cayce, it is the opinion of his followers.

Can the Zeta's share information with us concerning the spactacular UFO show in Mexico City on July 5th. [and from another]

This is a valid capture of a UFO extravaganza. The intention was to create a display that could not be doubted or debunked. Single orbs are debunked as balloons, or candles sent aloft, or water drops on the camera lens. This can hardly be any of those. Mexico was chosen as the site because it is discussing UFO sightings on major media, unlike the US which is deeply suppressed. This extravaganza is announcing a new phase in sightings. No more gentle hints. We're here. Stop the denial.

Since our calendars are supposedly inaccurate as to the exact occurance of 2012 could the real 2012 be before or even after our 2012 date on our current calendars?

Yes. This has been carefully laid out by Nancy in one of her newsletters and she has put forth a video on this matter.

What is causing the swine flu to escalate in other countries?

The current swine flu is no more deadly than the seasonal flu that assaults the populace every year. It is mild. The only reason it is getting attention is due to it being a new variant, so immunity to this flu is not present in the populace. Thus, it is spreading during the off-season, and getting in the press.

For the past several weeks the Zetas have given the right answer to the wrong question about the behavior of the Democrats in Congress. The Democratic base isn't looking for a witch-hunt (blanket amnesty can be offered and, in fact, has already been offered by the new administration) so much as it is for catharsis. In this kind of climate, such old souls (per the Zetas) as Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) - VT and Dennis Kucinich (D) - OH have pushed for a 'Truth Commission' that could break the back of the Coverup first as a way to explain the blatant lies that led to 9/11 and the Iraq War, giving catharsis not only to Democrats but STO Republicans who would learn why their party had been hi-jacked. It's a win-win-win situation, in which the Coverup would finally fall, in a controlled manner; the bad guys are held to account to await any punishments in a higher realm at a later date; and Congress has done what would be asked of it were the full truth known to the entire public. There wouldn't be any excuses about "we didn't know", and the segment of the public that could act on the information probably will under those circumstances. The Democratic agenda for jobs and health care would face less obstruction, as the gravity of the (potential) situation would be understood, and face easier passage. Do Pelosi and the leadership fear that any move in this direction would let too much of the floodwaters in? Are they pushing for what seems to be a kinder, gentler, smarter and darker version of the Bush administration simply to loosen up the rest of the moles, allow them the comfort to come forward without recrimination, behind the scenes? And please no insults about "pouting", I know there are millions that are as bewildered as I am.

We have stated, repeatedly, why the Obama administration is not going on a witch hunt, not devoting itself to prosecuting war crimes, and why Pelosi did not pursue impeachment proceedings the minute she was put in charge of the House. If you don't want to accept our statement, this is your right. Your foot stomping, however, will not change our opinion or our statements. When the government is drowning in the cess poll the Bush administration left, it can either paddle the whole toward shore or paddle in place and argue and fume until everyone drowns. They are chosing to paddle toward shore.

What do the Zetas have to say about the rare but devastating condition known as POEMS? What causes this condition and what would the Zetas recommend as treatment for it? I would imagine that chemotherapy and radiation are probably more destructive than beneficial. But what about stem-cell transplant therapy (valid)? Is POEMS similar to cancer, where a person's will to live can effectively beat the disease? Lastly, why is cannabis so effective in combating the nausea that results chemotherapy and the "wasting away" syndrome that those with AIDS suffer from?

There are literally thousands of diseases that are extremely rare or where the cause is not understood. Genetics are complex, and where some diseases that are caused by errant genetics, such as Downs Syndrom, are well known and easily identified, others are not. Most genetic abnormalities affect the whole body, and are something that cannot be cured but only treated for symptomatic relief. Cannabis reduces nausea and increases the appetite by suppressing nervous irritabillity, dulling this, precisely the result sought by cannabis uses.

Why do Nibiru sneak near the sun for so many years. When a comet turns around the sun, it will pass under a week, but Nibiru is been hanging around the sun since 2003. A little strange?

Planet X, aka Nibiru, is not a small dirty snowball. It is a planet, larger than Venus or the Earth. There is no formula in mankind's science for how a planet, slinging past the Sun like a comet, might behave. It certainly does not behave like a snowball.

Zetas, please can you explain this apparent contradiction in the Density section of Zetatalk? Per the Zetas, coming back to our dimension (3rd) to visit with us is like "walking through and breathing muddy water". But the Zetas stated: "regarding what it feels like to move from 3rd Density to 4th Density. This will be scarcely perceptible. There is no pain. There is no sensation. Let us state simply that in changing to 4th Density, as the Earth will, shortly, humans will not be aware that anything has happened. Spiritually the humans may feel more aware of other's feelings, as though spirituality increased in all those around one. ../density/d04.htm

As we have explained, 4th Density is lighter than 3rd Density, so the physical does not weigh on the soul as much. Where moving back to 3rd Density produces a sluggish feeling, moving up to 4th Density does the opposite. Thus, there is no contradiction.

During the recent G8 in Italy, has the issue of Planet X been discussed among the various presidents? Have more countries been informed about the passage?

In the fall of 2003, when Bush met with many heads of state in France to supposedly mend fences, the issue of a rogue planet that had entered the solar system was addressed. We have explained that these heads of state were told that the only matter of concern was panic in the people, that this rogue planet would pass with only minor earthquakes or tidal waves. Those countries with access to data from the ISS or from probes or from the Hubble or high powered telescopes or satellite views know otherwise. But these countries are in the minority. Conversations about Planet X are, as we have explained, done face-to-face so as to eliminate the possibility of written or verbal message being leaked to the rest of the population. Of course meetings such as occurred between Obama and his Russian counterparts, or such as occurred in Italy during the G8, had the issue of the pending passage on the platter. These conversations are dominated by speculation over whether the passage will be mild or momentous, and whose estimate to trust. Then the conversations turn to what, if anything, governments can do for their people in any event. On occasion, one party or another will press for more openness, more honesty, so the public can at least be informed of the possibilities. But this press is always turned back with a list of horrors that would occur were mankind to be informed. Thus, the cover-up is alive and well.

With all the bailouts, stimulus packages, talk of trillions for national healthcare, etc. money seems to be no object. Endless amounts being printed without regard to "paying the piper" and mortgaging the future. Therefore, it seems logical to assume TPTB know there is no future due to Planet X so spending to keep the masses content till the pole shift is what is happening. In normal times, this spending would not be. True or False?

What is occurring now, economically, is equivalent to what occurred during the Great Depression. The Bush administration allowed the housing bubble, and other essential monetary crimes, to occur. They wanted the American public to continue to fund their oil grab in the Middle East. They were assuming that they would retain control, and could continue to lie to the public about the state of the economy. Meanwhile, continuing Earth changes and bad weather were creating the need to rebuild, and wiping out crops. The lie could no longer be maintained. Printing money started under Bush, at the time when the M3 source was hidden from the public. It is continuing now because the Obama administration is faced with a complete collapse of the US economy, and is taking the lesser evil. So your statement that printing money as was done was because of the awareness that the passage would occur and it all would not matter is correct, to some extent. But it was also done to maintain the criminal war in the Middle East.

I first noticed the Sundog phenomenon back around 2003 I believe, in the summer time - and so far this summer there seems to be at least one or two sundogs per week. Is this due to the fine dust in the upper atmosphere?

Yes. Rainbows are produced due to water droplets in the atmosphere. Rainbows appear on grease stains on the road for similar reasons, the bending of light rays. Planet X has placed not only dust but also oily components in the atmosphere, affecting the bending of light rays into halos.

Have the family planning clinics been used by the elite to gather information on individuals? Have those same clinics been used to harm individuals who seek services?

To the extent that a clinic is in a region beset with anti-abortion feelings, such persecution of individuals seeking help might occur. But this is not the norm nor widespread.

The gen-manipulated food has terrible energy or aura and is not healthy. I think a creation of gen-manipulated animals or plants is a very dangerous interference. What do Zetas think about this?

Mankind is experimenting with genetic manipulation, and as with everything mankind puts their hand to, mistakes are being made. All intelligent species eventually get around to trying their hand at genetic manipulation, learning to live with their mistakes as well as benefiting to some degree. For Earth, genetic manipulation of crops and domestic animals is driven by the profit motive at present, and therein lies the problem. Those developing new strains are not concerned about the outcomes. They are only concerned about their profit. Thus, mistakes are not only being made, they are being ignored.

Zetas have also stated that STS will incarnate as intelligent Octopus. I believe in that, but the problem is - can people stop being inteligent Octopi after they realize STO is the only right way of being. Octopus is just ridiculous.

Those who are undecided will reincarnate as octopi, but those hardened Service-to-Self will be taken to prison planets. Just as early man looked forward to reincarnating as hominoids until they were spiritually mature enough to graduate, those who are reincarnating as intelligent octopi will look forward to their future lives. You are only resentful because you look upon the existence of octopi on your world today as a horror. In the future, you will have a different perspective.

Why is Earth of special interest to beings such as yourselves. Surely, there must be far more interesting places out in the galaxy to take special interest in than this, our primitive world and civilization?

You are seeing our missions and motives through your own eyes. You may prefer to play, vacation, avoid work and be entertained. That is not our motive. We are here because the Earth is in a Tranformation and there is much work to be done helping the souls that will be moving to a different planet, cleaning up the Earth after the pole shift, and in developing the new Zeta/human hybrids. We are not here to play!

Nancy, you talked about in a previous chat, the PTB planning on bombing the moon, to have an area to ride out the pole shift which won't succeed, well even if that were successful wouldn't the radiation from the bomb blast affect the survivors who went to the moon if they were to get away with doing that?

The gravity on the Moon is less than it is on Earth, and this group anticipates that radiation affected material will blow away, drift off into space, rather than settle back down to the surface.

To my knowledge, The Zeta's are the Grey's. But the Grey's are not the light we need to be viewing. The grey's flaw in there evolution is that they have no emotions. They are masters of mind manipulation etc, but they don't actually feel the outcomes of situations. They're biological robots. Please clear this up for me.

How the heck would you know all of this? This is pure speculation. Clear it up for you? You've got your mind made up!