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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 23, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

An article I saw on Yahoo news, about the cover story the establishment is using for the rise of Planet X sightings (especially since the April 21 video from Russia). [and from another] Mars Hoax Circulates: 'Big as the Moon!' [May 20] Once again it appears that a Mars hoax that has widely circulated through the Internet since its first appearance during the summer of 2004 has begun to circulate yet again. It comes in the form of an e-mail message titled "Mars Spectacular," which originated from an unknown source. In turn, this message has gotten passed on to others who couldn't resist forwarding it to their entire address book. The e-mail declares that on the night of Aug. 27, the planet Mars will come closer to Earth than it has in the past 60,000 years, thereby offering spectacular views of the Red Planet. The commentary even proclaims, with liberal use of exclamation marks, that Mars will appear as bright as (or as large as) the full moon. The problem is that "Aug. 27" is actually Aug. 27, 2003. Mars made a historically close pass by Earth that night
[and from another] There's an email hoax circulating around claiming that Mars will much larger in the sky (near the size of the moon), an obvious attempt to confuse the two red planets. Thought it was worth a mention.

This issue was raised in 2003 because of the Second Sun sightings, and has been regurgitated in 2009 for the same reasons. Those seeing the Second Sun rise or set will not be confused, however. These types of games to avoid the truth are making the populace weary, so a backlash is likely to occur as the truth begins to emerge. The populace will remember the games, and not be forgiving.

I want Nibiru coordinates. I want to start my own research. Maybe you have already answered this, but enlight me.

This has not only been explained endlessly but should be obvious. If it shows up on a video as a Second Sun, to the right of the Sun then you know where to look. Nancy has detailed SOHO and LASCO captures as well, on her weekly newsletter. Have you bothered to glance at these archives?

Is the dollar going to collapse next week?

No. And this is another issue that has been endlessly addressed. Do you read the GLP chat archives? It may drop in relationship to other currencies, but will still suffice as the currency within the US.

Competition and wining. Is athletics and sports an STS way of thinking? Is that something that Zetas indulge into or not? Or is it only for the 'playschool' of young souls?

Sports are primarily for the young only because sports requires stamina and agility, which youth has. For those older, it is an entertainment. For all ages, it is a distraction. This is neither good nor bad but can be used both for good and bad, so our answer is, it depends. A father may brow beat a young son into athletics for his own satisfaction, and this is hardly Service-to-Other thinking. Or a coach may use athletics in a slum as a way of lifting the hopes of those trapped in the slum, and this is Service-to-Other thinking. It depends.

There is a comment regarding the Alien Interview in ZetaTalk, saying that this has happened and is genuine but states that something has been lost in the translation. In Alien Interview the message is that this place is a place of captivity. Some ancients devised machinery to keep us/our souls here and enforce painful amnesia to the soul. Whereas I think Zetas state that we ourselves want to have amnesia between incarnations. I would like to have a comment on this specific issue since I do not think that this is something that can be missinterpreted so easily.

If what you have quoted is true, then this part of the interview is an incorrect interpretation of what was conveyed. No machine affects souls. The Earth is not a place of captivity but freedom for young souls to explore their interactions with each other. Soul's do not have amnesia, though each incarnation is such that the new body is not aware of past lives unless the soul updates the physical mind. Why do misinterpretations occur? Because the human inserts their own concepts, or because those in the government allowing this to go to press have inserted their own concepts.

Does souls of humans who was highly in love meet after reincarnation in their next life?

If they both wish this, and made such a request of the Birthing Guides, such incarnations can be arranged and often are arranged.

Any input on the California meltdown??

As anyone following the news knows, California is broke. So are most states, and the US government too. All such government entities are looking for ways to save cash, by cutting planned projects and reducing services, raising taxes, and delaying spending. All are hoping for better times around the corner when the coffers can be filled again. Although the claims can be made that all cost cutting possible has been done, this is never the case, and repeated waves of such cost cutting will occur. None of this is likely to result in death, but those used to a comfortable and secure lifestyle may be distressed.

I speak only about animals here, on the Earth. They have souls of 2 Density. People appreciate insects as more primitive than reptiles and they consider reptiles more primitive than monkeys. Does it mean that here, on the Earth, insects have more primitive souls than reptiles and reptiles have more primitive than monkeys ?

As we have explained in the Density section of ZetaTalk, souls do not spark in a creature unless that creature has enough intelligence to contemplate itself as a separate entity from others. On Earth, at present, this is man. There are other intelligent species on Earth which have been transplanted on Earth, such as Bigfoot, but these are not the lifeforms you are inquiring about.

With telepathy, are there ever misunderstandings when a Zeta communicates with another Zeta? I know you guys on occasion have to correct Nancy when she does Zeta Talk (I think). But is the message always exact with 4th density beings?

Nothing is ever exact, but there are lots of clues on what concept is being sent, so automatic correction is done in most cases. A misunderstood concept will be in conflict with other elements, and thus be questioned.

I assume that the noise this week about the GPS system going down is just more cover for the effects of the tail of Planet X?

We have mentioned that man should anticipate satellite failure due to the charged tail of Planet X and the debris in this tail, and also mentioned that man should anticipate problems with GPS due to the Earth wobble, which puts these satellites increasingly out of synch with their anticipated spot over the globe. Since the wobble has been getting worse per the governments own measurements, and the probes send out to triangulate the gap between the Earth and Planet X show this gap to be narrowing, those in charge of the cover-up are starting to proffer their excuses. They have issued a report stating that solar flares could take out the grid on Earth suddenly, and described absolute chaos to be ascribed to such a flare, even though the Sun is practically asleep and the solar wind quiescent at present. This GPS warning is absurd, given the proffered excuse which is that the Air Force has mismanaged funds. The DOD has immense funds allocated to it, and as important as GPS has been to defense, they would hardly be casual about such a failure. They think the public is stupid, apparently.

The floating of US deficit by printing money is even more obvious now as no other country is a net buyer of our paper. Are we facing a full blown Dollar crisis now? The only way forward to fix the financial mess is to have countries print their own debt free money versus bank issued debt money, but the Zetas have indicated this will not occur. I assume that this approach will be blocked due to the financial interests that rule US from behind the scenes?

Those with assets do not want to see a banana republic, as all lose in such a situation. It has been obvious since the M3 was hidden, went secret as to the source of money being put into the reserve, that printing money was occurring. Where the dollar fell during the Bush administration, it is not flat, nor will it be flat. Other currencies are also falling, as this is a worldwide economic depression. We have stated that the paper value of assets will remain the same, but a sale of these assets will not be at hand. Thus, your house and car and stocks can be a certain value on paper, but you will not be able to sell them. This is what should be anticipated.

The Zetas have mentioned several times that official disclosure of Planet X is not in the best interest of people as the reaction of TPTB would be bad. We seem to be seeing bits of this drip out though like the Planet X TV show in Russia this past week. Any comments?

Russia has been on the forefront of disclosure about Planet X, yes. We have made the statement that the US and other countries participating in the cover-up may be forced to admit the presence of Planet X if the truth is leaked somehow. A domino participation in disclosure will occur in such an instance.

I am worried much. I can not understand why it happens so. There are channelings that say almost the same as ZT but some of the points just bewilder me. Some say (e.g. David Wilcock) almost the same about Earth changes but deny PX existence. Another say almost the same about everything as Zetas do except the possibility of disasters and PS (Adrian Dvir] I can not understand - these channelings seem to be so true as even a mad one could not make up - but they are not coincide with ZT completely and so "do not predict with accuracy". What should I do?

When we require a degree of accuracy in predictions before we are bothered to explain why another is incorrect or correct and to what degree, we are not talking about accuracy being statements that "coincide with ZetaTalk". We are talking about prediction accuracy. Anyone can make up a story, or make claims, but if you are going to consider these words as having any worth, then these other sources should prove their worth. Else, consider them just so much hot air. If you want the truth, read ZetaTalk, that is our answer. ZetaTalk predicted the current weather in 1995, and predicted the Earth wobble which is palpable. Why should you listen to these others at all?

There have been documented cases where children in their current incarnation remember their last incarnation, with so much detail that the persons researching them are able to find the person these kids used to be in their former life. Sometimes these kids were murdered in their past lives, and when comparing the pictures of where they were stabbed or shot multiple times, many of these kids have birthmarks right where their wounds were. Why does that happen? Or are these hoaxes?

There are documented cases where past lives are recalled by the current incarnation, and this is most often not by accident. The soul must desire this, for some type of sorting out process. When recalled, the current incarnation takes steps to correct a matter that was perhaps left hanging, or allows the soul to make amends in some way. If the soul wants an incarnation to carry this as a mission, then it may take steps to arrange for a physical situation that will help the recall or confirm the past life memories.

Among the many barometers of troubled times, perhaps debunker activity on the chat threads is one indicator? The debunkers have been particularly active this week, often posting five or more times for every tiny supporter post. This character "The Commentator" is particulary persistent and vile - the rudest one yet. He practically "confessed" to being a paid shill when he shared that he was a professional aeronautical engineer who's worked for defense contractors. We're supposed to believe that is merely coincidence? Have the controllers behind the debunkers encouraged this enhanced cyber-bullying? Is it another sign of big changes on the horizon?

Times are tight and many are without jobs. Rather than proceeding with caution when feeling insecure, many, particularly with bully aspects to their personalities, get more aggressive. They are trying to prove their worth, put in extra hours, and hope to be the last laid off. Nevertheless, their very noise is what will get them fired first, as effective debunking must convince the public that it is not a debunk. It has always been the case that newcomers to the ZetaTalk message are convinced there is something to it because of the attacks that Nancy suffers. Thus, these individuals are shooting themselves in the foot, and their managers know this.

What kind of soul does Russian President Medvedev have?

Nervous, and undecided. .

The zetas have explained patiently some of the reasons for the disconnect we see going on in Washington, but now that the Democrats have the White House, the Congress and the Senate, why do they seem so spineless on the issues that poll after poll shows the public is in support of, like single-payer health care, prosecution of the ones who ordered the torture, (not the pawns on the front lines), a "truth commission", etc?

We were asked this question just last week. The answer was that when the house is on fire, one does not wash the dishes unless forced to do so. This group has many high priority issues to address. They did not have control of the Congress until 2006, and then did not have the numbers to overcome a Bush veto. What they inherited in 2008 is a second Great Depression, an approaching Planet X, crop shortages and dual cover-ups over the alien presence and the presence of Planet X about to unravel. They are trying to keep the state and federal governments running, end two wars, and reverse a great number of harmful policies that Bush and Cheney forced upon the nation. One cannot fight all battles at once, without losing all of them!

If 5th density and higher beings incarnate for service, how do they get back to their density if earth is changing to just 4th? Do they just stay in 3rd/4th until their body dies?

Your confusion lies in not understanding that density refers to both spiritual development and physical vibration rate. You are physically in the 3rd density at present. Star Children who have come to Earth have come from environments where they were in the 4th or 5th or greater densities, because of their spiritual development. When they are here, they are an old and wise soul, in physical 3rd Density. We trust this clarifies the issue for you.

Greetings from the kursk, due to a damaged network card I am writing my phone, for this reason will be brief and ask only one question: can a group of concave sheets of aluminum foil (mirror Kozyrev) and photograph UFO between them result in telepathic contact and how to as this way improved?

Telepathy has nothing to do with aluminum foil. It is a brain wave that goes through all physical matter. This is a particle flow that man is unaware of, though they see the effects. Studies with man and animals proves its existence. As we have explained, only about 10% of humanity has any degree of telepathy, and most of this only shows up in communications between lovers or family members who are thinking about each other. This is not something that can be learned, it is genetic. However, clearing the mind of all other thoughts but the one being communicated or received, or holding the breath to raise CO2 in the body chemistry has been shown to be helpful.

What comes first the financial melt down or the few days of darkness folowed by a very bright sun?

The steps that will occur in the last weeks of course have nothing to do with finances. They are on separate tracks. Finances is in the hands of man and could take many turns. Man has free will, and is in charge of the world's finances. As we have explained, the last weeks will all take place within a single magnetic trimester, which will end in either December, April, or August. A more severe wobble will ensue, followed by a lean to the left, then 3 days of darkness, then 6 days of correction called sunrise in the west, then the Earth being drawn closer to Planet X which will appear as large as the Moon or Sun in the sky, then slowing rotation, then 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, then the hour of the pole shift. By the time the last weeks commence, you will not care about finances.

Vice President Joe Biden appears to be a straightforward individual, with a wonderful sense of humor. The President has praised VP Biden repeatedly and seems to genuinely appreciate the VP's habit of expressing "the contrarian argument" which forces everyone to defend their opinion and to think deeply about any course of action. The VP is often ridiculed for his so-called "gaffes", which appear to be harmless. What is behind this nit-picking by the media and others?

Of course the Republican's want to ridicule the current administration, and will use any ruse to do so. They want the public to focus on some silly thing, rather than the mess that the Republican's made of the nation - war, economic depression, loss of jobs and industry, and a shattered reputation around the world. If Biden were not into gaffes they would be pointing to someone's shoes needing a shine. Anything but focusing on the big picture. The media participates because they want ratings and are required by their bosses to create controversy. Thus, and utterly innocent Pelosi, who had no power to prevent or stop torture nor even to talk about what she learned in high security meetings, is blamed for her inaction. All to create a show and hopefully raise ratings.

The US Census is supposed to happen every ten years. Yet, prior to 2009, many citizens received requests for information from the census bureau, with threats of punishment if the recipient didn't cooperate, in between the regular census years. These requests were portrayed as random. Why did the previous administration need to gather so much extra information on many citizens? And, why is it necessary to threaten and intimidate citizens? Would the Zetas care to comment on what was going on behind the scenes?

It is no secret that the Bush administration has many plans for the populace when the last weeks commenced. They planned to require the populace to shelter-in-place, where they would be poisoned by the water system, or drowned in the high tides that the pole shift would bring, or be forcibly vacinated by germs that kill. Slave and interment camps were part of this plan, and built, or certainly plans for these camps were laid. Forcing ID's whereby the populace could not travel without such an ID was part of the plan, and these ID's were going to pre-select who would live and who would die. On occasion, some evidence of these plans emerges and makes the populace wonder. You are seeing a tentacle or two here and there, of a monster that will never see daylight.

There are several videos on the Internet about Nibiru or PX. Has PX already started the rotation inside the solar system?

As we have explained, Planet X has a sling orbit, and does not go round and round the Sun. It came into the inner solar system in 2003, and thence has been creeping past the Sun, and is now outbound from the Sun. From the Earth's standpoint, it is always appearing to the right of the Sun, mostly lost in the glare of the Sun. The reason it has recently become more visible, with Second Sun sightings, is due to a slight angle in the view from Earth whereby sunlight can be reflected off the immense dust cloud of Planet X, thus creating a Second Sun at sunrise or sunset. The Earth stopped in its orbit in December of 2003, and has been pushed backwards in its orbit to the September position. Planet X has been essentially between the Earth and Sun during this time, since 2003, but has risen to the Ecliptic and begun to point its N Pole out away from the Sun. This is why there are more fireballs, debris from the tail of Planet X, lately, and why the Earth's magnetosphere is blasted without there being any activity on the Sun.

Will Lemuria re-emerge after the pole shift and is there hope for these South Pacific Islanders?

We have explained that the great Pacific is not one plate, as man assumes. The Hawaiian Islands will rise somewhat during the compression that will occur during the pole shift, and there will be other areas under the Pacific that will likewise rise. However, this is not a happy outcome for the South Pacific islands, which almost invariably are of low elevation and subject to the sloshing that will occur during the pole shift, and certainly subject to the rise in sea level by 675 feet within two years after the pole shift.

I have tried to see the Second Sun from my location, but I haven't been successful. I used a welders lens and was able to see the Sun just fine, but nothing to the right of it or around it. I want to capture this on video so I can show others. What am I doing wrong? Is it my location? I am viewing the Sun from the southern tip of Texas. Could my location be hindering this?

The Second Sun appears almost invariably at sunrise and sunset, when the red light spectrum rays are bending such that both suns appear larger than they are in reality. At the moment of sunrise or sunset, the Sun appears larger, a big orange ball, because red light that is directed to pass the Earth will be bend back by gravity, so the light being presented to a viewer is not only that coming directly from the Sun, but also from the edges, from the side. Red light spectrum rays are not dominant at other times of the day, as other light such as blue predominate. A lens that is too heavy will filter out the rays from Planet X while allowing sunlight to come through, though this statement by ourselves is not meant to encourage wreckless viewing of the sun without protection. We would suggest trying to view the sunrise and sunset very close to the exact moment, as this is when the nature of light itself will be your best assistant.

Scientists have unveiled a 47-million-year-old fossilised skeleton of a monkey hailed as the missing link in human evolution. The discovery of the 95%-complete 'lemur monkey' - dubbed Ida - is described by experts as the "eighth wonder of the world". Is this true ancestor of mankind?

Among many.

I feel these are either Anunnaki hybrids or Anunnaki themselves. They also look remarkably similar to Zetas. I have come to the conclusion that the tall white greys sometimes witnessed by contactees as the ones in control are actually Anunnaki. Would the Zetas care to comment on this? Can they confirm or deny this?

We have mentioned that the Annunaki, while hominoid and very similar looking to the current physical body of man, had elongated heads. This was not the shape you are referring to, but rather a long face. However, those among men who interacted with the Annunaki, and considered them gods, have tried to emulate the shape of their faces. Because they could not make the jaw line drop, they squeezed the head to make the skull long and thin. These statues are of humans, not Annunaki or Zetas.