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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 4, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Did the heads of state talk about Planet X and the cover-up during the G20 summit? Did they share any new information?

We have mentioned previously that the touchy subject of the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system and pending passage are most often discussed during face-to-face meetings. This is because phone conversations, however secure, or written message, however secure, can be intercepted and broadcast to the populace at large. This is the fear. Thus, a meeting such as the G20 is an ideal opportunity for those face-to-face meetings. We have previously mentioned that only the major countries were in the know decades ago, but that this changed during the Bush administration. After invading Iraq, Bush met with many heads of state ostensibly to mend fences over the war. This was not the whole agenda, obviously. The stunned look on many faces during photo ops showed that something stunning was discussed. Many countries were informed, had to be because the Second Sun was showing dramatic second sunrise or sunsets around the world. These countries were told that Planet X would pass uneventfully, except perhaps for high tides or a few quakes, and that the real danger was from panic in the public.

Since that time, not much has changed. The degree to which the Earth changes have picked up are hidden from all but the most technological country's heads of state. The USGS lies about the number of quakes and the magnitude. The US and Russia collude to lie about a satellite crash over Siberia and problems with the ISS. NASA and JPL lies about what their probes are finding. But the heads of state do understand that the economies of the world will not improve as long as drought and deluge and imploding buildings continue. Food shortages are acute. All economies are struggling. So regardless of whether this is posited as Earth changes due to the presence of Planet X or posited as problems with the economy, the issues are the same. Thus, these were the issues discussed during the G20, not Planet X specifically. To the extent that Planet X was discussed, it was to confirm that things were the same as the last time discussed, no changes.

Can the zetas address the obvious question of booms and light on the east coast? Why did the USAF say it "was not the result of anything man made?" Another attempt at a limited disclosure? [and from another] Fireball not Russian Rocket Debris, Space Center says [Mar 31] The “Big Bang” on Sunday night now appears to have been caused by a meteor, not a leftover bit of Russian rocket. The Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California issued a statement saying it tracks more than 19,000 manmade objects in space. “The ‘bright light’ that was reported on the East Coast on Sunday, 29 March at 9:45 p.m. EST was not a result of any trackable manmade object on reentry. If it was a meteorite, we don’t track that kind of thing.” The bright fireball, which was followed one or two minutes later by an enormous booming sound, was seen by many people between Maryland and North Carolina. Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., said he was nearly positive that it was caused by the booster of a Russian rocket falling back to Earth. That no longer seems to be the case.

We mentioned that leaks would be made, slips would occur, as the Earth changes became more severe. The US military is acutely aware, as is NASA and JPL, that the debris from the tail of Planet X has increased. Fireballs have increased, and forced the establishment to lie about a satellite crash and ISS distress in order to cover problems with satellites in the future and nervous ISS personnel. Blackouts have begun again, as they did in 2003, due to the charged nature of the tail. Blaming space trash will only go so far. And certainly blaming the Sun for electromagnetic problems when NASA admits that the Sun is practically asleep is a worry. Imploding buildings as occurred recently in Germany are not covered by any of those explanations. The cover-up is in distress, and slips and leaks will occur.

The History Channel is debunking the collapse of World Trade 7 very hard recently. Is the Puppet Master fearful that knowledge of the truth of 911 is becoming more widespread? [and from another] Scientists Find Active 'Super-Thermite' in WTC Dust [Apr 4] A team of nine scientists have unearthed startling data from dust gathered in the days and weeks after the World Trade Center towers collapsed on 9/11. They discovered that scattered throughout the dust samples were red and gray chips of 'active thermitic material', or an un-reacted pyrotechnic explosive. Some of the authors of the paper have lost their jobs at universities and chemistry labs for their outspoken breakdown of what happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Kevin Ryan lost his job as a lab director after writing a letter to the National Institute for Standards and Technology(NIST was conducting an investigation into 9/11 at the time) challenging the common theory that burning jet fuel weakened the steel supports holding up the 110-story skyscrapers. Ryan claims that the owner of his laboratory subsidiary "was the company that certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings," according to the South Bend Tribune. Dr. Steven E. Jones, a physicist at Brigham Young University, presented a paper in 2005 discussing alternative theories to the commonly accepted 'jet fuel' reasoning. In September 2006 he was placed on paid administrative leave and his paper was removed from the BYU database.

It is not the Puppet Master's hand who caused WTC7 to come down, nor was it his hand that caused 911 in the first place. It was middle men, competitors with the Bush administration's bankers, who were disgusted with the Bush administration's arrogance. Yes, these Jewish bankers were connected to the Puppet Master, but they operated without his dictates, as we have so often explained. The Puppet Master is not a dictator! His is not a top-down operation. Many agendas are involved, all operating independently. Why is this the History Channel's tune of late? Because those who were responsible are very nervous, and fear prosecution under the Obama administration.

If chemtrails are now being sprayed to block out the Sun why are they occasionally observed at night as well?

To evade discovery. By the time daylight arrives, for any dawn sightings, they have dissipated and the fog desired to diffuse any sightings of Planet X is in place.

Does have the Council of Worlds military fleet and troops? Is our galaxy one who can resist the Council of Worlds?

Please do read the Rules section of ZetaTalk. The issue of how the Council operates is right up front in that section. You can't miss it. To briefly address your silly question, high tech alien operations are not like your primitive human operations. Fleets and troops are not involved, nor are they needed.

As you Zetas have said, most of the Earthlings today, who are living near coastlines around this world, will not survive the Pole Shift. And obviously in my country (Sweden) the coastlines, no matter if they are the north, east, south or the west coastlines - it will be the same bad result. The people will not survive who stays there when the poler shift day comes. But.will the coastlines in different countries go immediately under the sea during the pole shift or will it take a few months or so, before the coastal area in most of the countries will be gone here on Earth?

Our general guide for coastlines is to be 100 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level. Sweden is well situated in this regard. Have you read the Pole Shift section of ZetaTalk? Have you read the description of the ocean sloshing that is expected? There is no logical way the oceans can slosh on all coastlines at once! It will pull away from one coast while flooding on the opposite side of the ocean. That's a slosh. As to the gradual rise over a 2 years period to approximately 675 feet above sea level, this also does not happen immediately. Such an assumption is not logical.

An American clairvoyant have said she will not see anymore in 100 years from now, I guess it depends on the 4th density transformation. But, when it comes to all these clairvoyant persons around this world that are predicting the future for everyone who want to test these people, there is always a future for us, "in five years from now this and that will happen...", and even in some cases might give you the year a certain thing might happen. Are these clairvoyants blocked to see the real future, and if they are, why is it so? Cause as far as I know no one except you are talking about the pole shift. How come no one of these clairvoyants are talking about the pole shift?

You are presumably talking about Sylvia Browne, who made that statement on a TV show. We have explained that both Sylvia and the spirits she talks to are reluctant to be the bearer of bad tidings. She mentions the pole shift while at the same time encouraging people to make plans that will take years to complete. There is never any mention of the need for preparations. But Sylvia is being honest when she says she cannot sense anything for humanity 100 years out, as that is the approximate time of the leap to 4th density. The Earth will then be a dead planet, and homo sapiens a dead species.

Imagine the group of people wuth mixed orientations survived after the pole shift. For example I and my relatives also belong to this group. Should I show the equal attitude towards relatives and not-relatives ? For example I have a little of water in my flask and I decide to give it to one of my relatives understanding he / she is less Service-to-Other than another person only because the first one is my relative. Is it a right step or should I do it vice versa?

We have repeatedly stated, when asked such questions, that we do not direct people in their decisions. This is your decision to make. Else, it is not you who are taking action during your decision process. Else, you would only be a robot.

Stock Market recent ran up of more than 20% gains in about a month. Are investors over optimistic about the economy? Many fund managers are calling for putting money in the stock market, and Jim Cramers, CNBC's Mad Money host, calling the Depression is over. Do the Zeta see better economy going forward or just another head fake? Can the Zeta comments on the financial sector such banks and insurances now that FASB approved mark-to-market flexibility Will banks continue to have problems due consumers are tapping out as credit card and mortgage debt delinquent continue to get worst?

This accounting switch allows banks to loan out more than formerly, as their debts are viewed differently. The weight of bad debts, such as subprime mortgages, thus are less of a drag. The overall picture still remains the same, but the illusion of health is smeared over all. Jim Cramers was not correct when he talked up the market before the crash, and is hardly to be trusted.

I have read a great deal of, but still have a great deal more to read. I think Nancy or the Zeta's said 2 years after the pole shift the sea level will rise 600 feet. Is this the whole earth or just certain locations?

Water seeks its own level. Thus, the whole world participates. There are places on Earth that will experience a rise in elevation overall, specifically New Zealand and New England and Quebec. There are other places that will lose elevation overall and thus experience a higher rise in sea level, specifically the East Coast of the US and Scotland and Ireland and western Britain. In general 675 feet is the rise to be expected.

If roads will become impassable by car due to earthquakes and sinkholes after the pole shift, would you recommend people to have bikes as the best way to get around?

Bikes, horseback, a good pair of boots, donkey and cart - all of these are likely means of travel.

Do you recommend people sell all unnecessary possessions to better afford survival essentials?

This is a personal decision and we do not direct people in their activity.

Will you create a page or pdf files with a checklist of items we should have to survive the difficult times ahead?

No. See above. Humans have, however, brain stormed such questions and some of their work product is available on the Troubled Times Checklist TOPIC.

Can Zetas explain why relics of some saint people may cure us ?

Because these people are suggestible. Many illnesses have a strong psychosomatic aspect. Proof of this is the placebo effect, wherein the sufferer is given a sugar pill and pronounces they feel better.

It seems from looking from the outside,that Hilary Clinton, is doing a creditable job- following Obama's lead. Do the Zetas see any good per Iran and Palestinians?

Hillary will undoubtedly have more success than Condi Rice did in the Middle East, simply because Obama is a resonable person and is not out for domination of the Middle East.

Sometimes people have conscious contact with aliens. Do they see their true body forms or do aliens change their view according to what the contacter wants to see?

Masking the appearance of an alien visitor is possible. This is done through hypnotic suggestion. At other times, by agreement between the contactee and visitor, they simply don't face each other. The contactee may see their visitor as being behind a wall, or under a blanket, or may turn their back to the visitor to avoid looking at them. In most cases, however, an adjustment is made and the contactee is no longer shocked or put off.

I used to be able to watch the sun rise. I'm talking about those moments just as it appears over the horizon. That's if and when it's not being criss-crossed with man-made line clouds/chemtrails-call them what you will. But I can almost say there's no such thing as a clear blue sky. Those days seem rare. But I used to be able to look at the sun as it rose. I'm not talking about staring at it for 30 mins. But I could take a quick look at the morning sun. I can't do that anymore. It's quite impossible. Would the Zetas comment on what it is that's makes the sun seem/appear whiter, larger, hotter, etc.

The tail of Planet X is huge. Close to the corpus, the planetary body of Planet X itself, it is very dense, but further out becomes more diffuse. The moons of Planet X hug close, in what we have described as moon swirls, tube like swirls where the moons dance around each other. But the end of the tail is quite diffuse. If you see a light through fog, the light appears all over, not so much as a focused spot of light such as a street lamp or headlight. This is because light scatters in the fog, and bounces back toward your eye from many droplets of water. The tail of Planet X does this with sunlight, causing sunlight that would ordinarily not strike the Earth to be deflected back toward Earth. Thus, increased brightness.

Because of the vast nature of the Universe one would ponder to think that there are more than one Council of Worlds or similar organizations giving directives out. Is the Universe pretty much colonized through out where life can be supported?

We cannot answer that, as we, the Zetas, are not aware of the Universe in totality.

As is known at the bottom of world ocean, in rather cold waters, the big stocks of hydrate of metane are concentrated. After shift of poles of a deposit of hydrate of metane appear in enough warm breadthes and accordingly water which was cold, will heat up. Thus rise in temperature will result in disintegration of hydrate of metane. Then all gaseous metane as it is easier than air inevitably appears in the top layers of an atmosphere that can result in a hotbed effect and accordingly to rise in temperature on the Earth on some degrees, and it also can result in natural changes. Could Zetas comment on a possible situation.

The pole shift itself is a much more traumatic event than anything as minor as a rise in ocean temperatures in certain places, or the additional release of frozen methane. All volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years are expected to explode or erupt. Firestorms will alight brush fires that will not be contained, as man will be trying to simply survive the shift itself, not put out brush fires. A pole shift period results in extinction of species, major climate change to almost all countries, and of course, major changes to many ocean areas too.

Can the Zetas comment on the massive power outages in Australia, Scotland, and N.I reland? There were several threads here, but the talk was all over Twitter as well. [and from another] Sydney Power Blackout Causes Chaos [Mar 30] A severe power blackout brought chaos to downtown Sydney on Monday afternoon, causing peak-hour traffic jams as street signals failed and leaving workers stranded in lifts as they tried to make their way home. Failures at four high-voltage power cables virtually paralyzed Australia's biggest city. Energy Australia, which distributes power to Sydney city, said it could take several hours to restore power. There are four power cables that supply very large (electricity) sub-stations, They have detected a problem and have automatically shut down for safety reasons. Energy Australia says the problem is believed to have started when the power supply to two major substations in the CBD switched off.

Newspaper articles did not ascribe a reason for outages in Scotland, Ireland, or San Diego, but articles covering Sydney, Australia alluded to a brownout/surge situation, a protective maneuver of the electrical grid to avoid equipment failure. On March 30-31 there were major outages in San Diego, Australia, Scotland, and Ireland, while at the same time there were fireballs descending along the East Coast of the US. This was a tail swipe, creating electromagnetic surge which causes electrical equipment to shut down.

Why is the sun so quiet, not producing sunspots? Is Planet X trying to align itself with Sun's north magnetic field? When the next Solar 24 Cycle is going to begin?

This was addressed some weeks ago during the chat but will be repeated. The S Pole of Planet X is pointed at the Sun. Since the S Pole is an intake of magnetic particles, this acts as a suction and creates a particle free buffer zone. Thus, that part of the Sun facing the S Pole of Planet X, which is standing between the Earth and the Sun, has less particle flow activity, and is less ruffled.

What seems to outer space? Is there a trade route and space base, as shown in the movies? Whether species interact with each other? Alternatively, avoid contact with strangers? [and from another] Do the Zetas trade for any goods anywhere, or do they just trade for minerals and raw materials and make everything they need themselves? If the Zetas trade for finished, so called value added products, what groups, planets or civilizations do they have the most trade with? The Sirians, The Orions or the Pleiadians, etc? Or Lyrans, Arcturans, Andromedians? If they don't need anything, are the Zetas the favorite source for things other groups need?

Movies such as Star Wars depict space travel and life on other planets as though all were like the Earth, where those in the Service-to-Self have no restrictions on their actions. This is only the case on young planets such as Earth where souls are sparked and the newly reincarnating souls are required to sort out whether they should be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. After this point, those who are hardened Service-to-Self live on prison planets, which may have trade routes with each other, but the Service-to-Self are restricted in any dealings with those in the Service-to-Other. They simply cannot affect them. Cannot raid, cannot make war, cannot disturb or make demands. They are quarantined from the Service-to-Other unless those in the Service-to-Other they wish to interact with are in agreement on what the engagement entails. Since the Service-to-Self lie and cheat, the Service-to-Other almost universally want nothing to do with them. Since the Service-to-Other share and care for each other, is does not occur that the Service-to-Self have something that Service-to-Other cultures would require.

It really looks like most people in the world are aware of the lies the governments and bankers are telling the people. Will a revolution occur to get rid of these liars that have set up and stole everyone's money and lives.

We have predicted that calm will prevail, instead. Where there are always some people going postal, the common man in the main balances his need for a paycheck with any actions on his part.

Zetas spoke that after shift of poles the part of an atmosphere of the Earth will be torn off. Could the Zetas give some comments concerning an ozone cloud as it is in the top layers of an atmosphere and it will be probably mentioned. Whether the Earth will lose ozone protection or an ozone the layer will be kept, or it will be more thin?

The atmosphere reforms from the oceans. Man frets about his assumptions, about the formation or disruption of the atmosphere, but scarcely understands the process. The atmosphere of the future will be healthy, and healthy for creatures living under it, in due time after the pole shift.

What is/was the true reason behind China's fascination with foot binding?

Domination of women.

It is highly obvious that society is near to collapse. It is very apparent that TPTB are preparing for a catastrophic disruption and mega-death of the population. When will the Zetas show themselves and reveal their black-triangle massively huge starships and what will they (Zetas) do when they reveal themselves to the general public?

We very carefully explained the process of the Awakening at the start of ZetaTalk, as what you have described will not occur. The Awakening depends upon the readiness of the people in a given locale, and certainly the world as a whole does not reach a state of readiness at the same time.

What's the height of the tidal waves that will assault the coastlines during the pole shift? How many feet? How big will they be at the North Sea coast?

Our advice is to be inland by 100 miles and 200 feet above sea level for safety. Depending upon tidal bore possibilities, the coastline itself can expect tidal waves up to 500-600 feet high. The reverse slosh starts before the water can travel inland at this height, so the water is pulled back away from shore before that can occur.

Obama seems over his head recently, fishing for answers. I think he is not a bad president because there are no answers, so a 3 trillion or an 18 trillion deficit, or amnesty or no amnesty for illegal aliens, or gay marriage; or any of the things people get worked up about - none of it matters, right?

Obama obviously inherited a nightmare, on every front. The one positive note is that he has a Congress willing in the main to work with him and enjoys high popularity.

Is there any animal or Earth or any other planet that can go physically from one planet to another by itself, like birds flying from one planet to another? I would think space would be cold and airless and the distances too far, but there persist myths and stories over the ages of that being possible.

This is obviously not possible in their physical state. All incarnated life forms need the protection of a space ship for such travel, else life would be extinguished.

Is this just a well dug to close to natural gas or is there something else causing this? [and from another] Cause of 'Fire Water' Still Unknown The state agency that regulates oil and gas says although there is some evidence methane may have contaminated a private well in rural Weld County, they're not sure why the family's tap water ignites when a lighter is put to it.

Texas is in the stretch zone, and methane is released in this area. During Earth fart day some years ago, when the smell of methane was evident from London, across the US, and in Australia. Austin, Texas had many birds dropping dead. This was from the methane gas. The Earth fart day had methane smells all the way to Duluth, MN and west to North Dakota. The N American continent stands alone in the stress it experiences because of a diagonal pull. At present there is a bow formed around southern California, causing stress all the way to the Aleutian Islands and south to the tip of Mexico. This bow was the cause of the mining disaster in Utah. The bow has not yet adjusted, so this stress continues to the east, affecting the rock structure in Colorado.

How are you coming up with the number 675 feet? That does not jibe with the numbers I've seen which average out at 250 feet if the ice caps melt.

This is a valid question which has been raised often and answered often. Human scientists have estimated that the sea level will rise approximately 200 feet if the poles and glaciers and Greenland ice melt. The additional rise we predict is due to a swelling of the ocean floor from heat during the crustal movement, friction from the crustal movement, and the consequent heating of the oceans themselves. Hot water takes up more room than cold.

Can you describe the issues with gold? The US mint stopped minting gold coins because they cannot get bullion. People order gold and cannot get delivery. Banks have been allowed to fraudulently claim they have gold when all they have is IOUs from central banks. Now Putin wants a partial or entire gold standard backing for currency. There is obviously not enough gold in the world so what is the problem? I think it is that the mines know it should be worth $5,000 and ounce or more so are not selling at $900+. Am I right?

Yes. This is the reason the US went off the gold standard in the past. Certainly if you are not in possession of the actual gold you supposedly were sold, you should be suspicious.

I have satellite TV and am used to it going out when big storms are between me and the satellite, like thunderstorms, but lately on clear days it goes out here and there unpredictably. Is this too, the tail of Planet X, and do the Satellite communications companies know the truth and are trying to work around it, or do they check with NASA and get lies for answers?

Interference by the charged tail of Planet X is the reason that Russia and the US colluded on the false story about their satellites colliding. Supposedly more space trash was spewed in the satellite orbits, so of course the story would follow when satellite malfunction occurs that this is due to the excess space trash. We predicted satellite failure, and this is now one more example of our prediction accuracy track record.